2-yr-old Marriage Dissolved Over Wife’s Alcohol Consumption

A Grade 1 Area Court sitting in Aso Pada, Mararaba, Nasarawa State, yesterday, dissolved a two-year-old marriage between Choji, 51, and Dinatu Chung, 39, due to the wife’s excessive alcohol consumption.


The Presiding Judge, Mr. Albert Maga, dissolved the marriage after the two told the judge that they had yet to settle their differences.

Maga in his ruling, dissolved the marriage and ordered Choji to collect a divorce certificate from the court, and to pay Dinatu N4,500 for transportation.

He ruled, “Since the husband has insisted that the divorce be granted and the respondent did not object, I order that Choji pays Dinatu N4,500 transport money.

“The marriage is hereby dissolved; the petitioner should go to the registrar’s office and get a divorce certificate.”

On May 14, Choji had filed a divorce suit before the court, seeking the dissolution of the marriage, due to his wife’s drinking habit.
He had said, “She drinks a lot of different types of alcohol, and when she does, she starts misbehaving with different men.

“There was a time I sent her back to our village to correct her attitude, but she ran back to me in Aso Pada. I cannot continue to stay with her. I am sick and tired of her excessive alcohol intake.”