Blind Man Drags Blind Friend To Court For Snatching His Wife


Two blind men were at a Grade 1 Area Court in Mararaba, Nasarawa state as one accused the other of snatching his wife.

Mr Shaibu Ibrahim, 56, of Aso Pada in Mararaba, Nasarawa State on told the court that his friend, Shehu Sarki, 62, allegedly enticed his wife with money and seduced her.

On August 27, Ibrahim dragged Sarki, his friend and Chairman of the Blind People’s Association in Aso Pada to court for allegedly enticing his wife, Lami, 23.

Ibrahim told the court at his first appearance that the accused was the one who introduced him to Lami amd later enticed her and took her away from him.

In his testimony to the court, Ibrahim said that he became friends with the accused some time last year when the accused assisted him to secure accommodation at Gwagalape, near Nyanya in the FCT.

“He enticed my wife with money because he is rich.

“He took advantage of a little misunderstanding I had with my wife over N1,000.

“He was my very good friend. When he intervened, I thought he was concerned for me. I did not know that he had other evil plans,” Ibrahim said, adding that the accused was the one who instigated his wife against him.

“When I could not provide the N1000 daily savings to secure a house, he took my wife and gave her another room in his compound.

“Each time I go to see her or sit on her bed, she will send me out and say she has no business with me and that she has gotten herself a real husband now.

“The accused began threatening me. He even told me that he has the money power to take my wife and marry her.”

Ibrahim alleged that his wife through Sarki’s influence, has offered to pay him back the N19,000 he paid as dowry on her.

After hearing Ibrahim’s testimony, the presiding judge, Mr Albert Maga, adjourned the case till 16 September for defence.


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