LMAO: Genevieve Nnaji Threatens To Slap Skales

I laughed out my guts when I came across this article.

Screen goddess, Geneveive Nnaji has threaten to slap EME singer, Skales If he mentions her name in his lyrics again.

EME rapper, Skales probably never saw this coming. Well incase you didn’t know Skales in a song titled “no time” said that genevieve was top on his list and he wants to give her the D, but now Skales might get the ‘S’.

The far from happy star actress issued a statement this morning to one of our reporters, and I quote:

“Can you imagine that boy telling me he wants to give me the D ..what does he know, is the D sef? ..that is by the way..the next time i hear him mention my name in his lyrics again, I’m gonna give him a dirty slap, he’ll never forget..what sort of nonsense, am I his mate? how much does he have?”

Banky W was contacted but all he could say was “I told Skales..upcoming artist don’t mention her name in songs…now we have to go and beg all together….Wizkid is already buying her gifts..we cant spoil EME’s name, A slap on Skales is a slap on the whole family”

This is hilarious!!!


  1. Gene u have d right to be upset but for goodness sake that was too harsh of you to have said you will slap Skales. You Gene may be richer than him but it doesnt mean anything. you have to take things easy and be more matured

  2. Genevieve dey crase. She no thank God say dem dey mention her name. Who she be sef? Noticing Dboy mean say she fit collect D “D”. After all scales never come ask am in person. Make she grow up if she feels she’s not his mate. Na just art work.

  3. Genny i say this without any apology. This habit of yours has ruined you maritally. Check urself gurl. Haven’t u insulted anybody before in ur life. Genny, truly u suck. All ur ill-gotten money from amorous affairs with Atiku and GEJ aid is what u believe in. Remember what just happened to Agagu with all he has. Stupid u. Fuck u, fuck ur money.

  4. Biko,its her name..she has the right to react however she wants…I couldn’t help laughing at the article.
    And for all of you swearing and [email protected] girl…I’ve got news flash for you..she doesn’t care neither does she know you exist..learn to just read about celebs and not take anything personally.
    Whether the story is true or false..who cares,I find it hilarious.
    End of story!

  5. Dis funkyharry & Ayozino, u guys are rilly frustrated/depressed peeps. Geny is just defendin her name & dignity just as every reasonabl human being would. So u pple can go & hang urselves ok? Jealous much! Geny jare carry go, don’t allow naturally unhapi people smear dere unhapiness on u..God is ur strength

  6. Genny my dear, try and settle down with a man so that all these stupid small boys will stop insulting you. First it was Wizkid and now skales. Once a woman is of marriageable age and still remains single all manner of men will be insulting her, it’s even worse when you are a celebrity.

  7. God time is d best..getting married won’t take u to heaven even d bible said it dat all women r nt meant to b married.wonder y smpple carry Genny matter 4 head while she is busy exceling to d top..if skales has no song to sing,let him join anoda biz instead of singing rubbish

  8. So bcos skales is sharing his N10 with u jobless deviants ya’ll supporting thrle rat. Maybe ya’ll will be happy when he calls ur mothers name and gives her the “d” …Lol his busy singing trash and making money ur here abusing someone who can buy u and ur family