Meet Joan Wind, 73-Year-Old Twerker

Your life may have its ups and downs, but Joan Wind’s has more — homegirl can twérk it with the best of them.

The 73-year-old New York City woman was workin’ that booty Wednesday as she and 357 other twérkers earned the Guinness World Record for Most People Twérking Simultaneously. She was leaving Macy’s, holding several shopping bags, when she she saw the throng of cheeks flapping.

It was her time.

She’s more of a hands-on-the-knees technique than an inverted-with-feet-on-the-wall kind of gal.  she proves that she has a lot better moves than many of her younger counterparts. She said twérking brought her back to the days of the Lindy.

“Two or three years ago I saw it but I didn’t think I could do it,” Wind told HuffPost Weird News. “Then I tried it at home in the mirror in the bédroom. And I said, ‘Oh, it’s shaking very good.'”

She said her favorite dance back in the day was the hustle. Now, with her new skills, Wind plans on starting a class for other seniors who want to know how how to get down. She was always the type of lady that would “chase after pigeons rather than feed them,” she says, and she wants to pass that attitude on to more of her peers.

Keep on twérkin, Joan.


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