‘My wish was to be Michael Jackson’s wife’ – Oma Iyasara


Oma Iyasara is a fast rising actress who got into limelight in the award-winning movie, ‘Last Flight to Abuja’.
In this interview she speaks about her career, relationship and other issues. Excerpts

TELL us about the time you spent in the RoyalArts Academy.
My experience in the Royal Arts Academy was awesome. I learnt a whole lot about movie making and acting, and it was a stepping stone to Nollywood.

How did you get to feature in Uche Jombo’s movie False?
I actually got to feature in False through my first movie, which was Damage, featuring Uche Jombo and Kalu Ikeagwu. So, it built a relationship for me with the Uche Jumbo Studio.

What has been your most challenging movie so far?
Desperate House Girls. I had to scream and be angry – which I’m not used to. I also had to act as a village girl (laughs).

How well would you say you have fared in your acting career?
In life we learn everyday. I’m still learning and discovering I can do certain things, especially acting.
I am proud of how far I have come and I hope to go further, God willing.

What’s your relationship with Emem Isong and Uche Jombo?
Emem Isong is a lady I truly admire and I look up to her as a mentor. Uche Jombo is like a sister to me. She is always willing to advise me and boost my
morale. I have a good and wonderful relationship with both of them, and I won’t trade it for anything.

What is your level of education?
I studied Mass Communication at the Imo State University and I also have a diploma in Law from the University of Abuja. But I will love to go back to
school soon.

Who was the first person you had a crush on as a pretty young girl?
(Laughs) I am still a pretty young girl. Well, Michael Jackson. I really wanted to marry him.

How did you discover your acting talent?
I have always loved the camera actually, and ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) went on strike then. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing, I
decided to go to an acting school and that was the beginning. I didn’t really have many issues, because I had people guiding me through. And I want to use
this medium to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of them. God bless you all for me.

You’re also the CEO of Tataz Hair. How did that come about?
I have a thing for hair and I always know how to source for good hair. My friends wanted my hair, so I decided to go into buying and selling of weaves, and today, I have Tataz Hair.

What’s your greatest indulgence?
Hmm. That would be hair and books.

What attracts you to a man?
A good conversation with good looks; and someone who has respect for women.

What’s your favourite outfit?
Boyfriend tops, tights and high tops.
There was this story about your friend
snatching your boyfriend and you
crying in public.

What was that about?
It was a lie; no such thing happened.

You have such a beautiful skin. If you are asked to bare it all for a whopping sum of money in a movie, would you mind?
I can’t go full naked for a movie, no matter what.

As a young and vibrant lady, what are your favourite hangout spots?
I love Karaoke and Sailors.
People say that Oma is wild.

Who is the real Oma Iyasara?
What you see is what you get; no dual personality, no alter ego.


Who is the lucky man in your life?
There is no one at the moment. I am currently focusing on building my career.


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