Peter Okoye 1-1 Bloggers: Peter Okoye ‘Gbagauns’ On Twitter, blocks Fan Who Corrected Him

A couple of weeks ago, Peter Okoye of the infamous P-Square played a prank on bloggers when He released a supposed photo of himself in a strip club in Canada.

The photo went and the next day, Peter Okoye released the full photo showing the man in the strip club wasn’t him; Peter Okoye took his first shot against bloggers that day and started a war he will never win.

Now to the matter at hand, I reported yesterday that the Limpopo master – KCee joined the Oil and Gas business, in an effort congratulate his colleague KCee on Twitter, Peter Okoye fired a massived ‘Gbagaun’ as he wrote: “Personally welcome u on BORED”.

A fan instead of correcting him, called him an empty head and as expected, Peter Okoye immediately blocked him.

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  1. @Haliwud: You are worse than an empty head yourself! 1st, do u know d meaning of d word ‘infamous’, or do u just use words cos uv heard (of) them? 2ndly, wen one wants to correct, he/she shd do dat wt good intent, respect, manners and humility, all these d supposed ‘English Professor’ lacked; hence Peter’s reasonable decision 2block d fellow. 3rdly, in ur process of delivering a lop-sided and malicious report, you your all-knowing self (also) wrecked d English Language urself; or what do u call this: “…fired a ‘MASSIVED’ gbagaun”…Thus, if I may ask, what do u call urs? “…’MASSIVED’ gbagaun”?? Last time I checked, my English tutors taught me ‘massive’, or is dat d latest variant of d word. These r d little reasons y ur blog/site has extremely low traffic, n keeps stunting, instead of growing. Btw, I made a mistake comin here. Bye!


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