“President Jonathan Is Too Weak, A Total Disappointment” – Asari Dokubo

The President of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahedeen Asari- Dokubo, once again took a swipe at President Goodluck Jonathan, stating that the Nigerian leader is a disappointment to the Ijaw ethnic nationality.


Asari-Dokubo said Jonathan is weak and unassertive as a leader.

The ex-militant commander, who was reacting to the latest crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which has led to the factionalisation of the ruling party, lamented that Jonathan could not take bold and courageous steps to tame the dissidents.

Asari-Dokubo, who spoke in a telephone interview with our correspondent, regretted that Jonathan could not act like a typical Ijaw man, who is famous for boldness and exceptional courage.

He asked the President to be guided by an Ijaw famous saying, “Ama Doko Doko Biokpo,” which he interpreted to mean “small, small towns but they are very courageous and keep hope alive.”

Asari-Dokubo said he was unimpressed by “what he called poor response” to the crisis rocking the PDP by the Presidency and advised Jonathan to emulate former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who confronted and dealt with the dissidents in the party during his tenure.

He recalled how Obasanjo allegedly wielded power to quench the insurgency led by a former Delta State Governor, Chief James Ibori, within the PDP, against his re-election in 2003.

To this end, he asked Jonathan to stop further peace talks and negotiation with the dissident governors and their collaborators, including Obasanjo and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar.

He said Jonathan only needed to sit up and demonstrate uncommon courage to subdue his political enemies, adding that the crisis was orchestrated to frustrate his second term ambition.

Asari-Dokubo decried the recent statement credited to Abubakar Gumi that the killings in the North would stop as soon as Jonathan renounced his second term bid, adding that the cleric and his co-travellers were cashing in on the weakness of the President.

He nonetheless expressed the conviction that the plot against Jonathan would fail.

He said: “Jonathan is disgracing the Ijaw people and people of the South-South by negotiating with these dissidents. I am terribly annoyed by the way he is handling this issue, he is a disgrace. If he cannot withstand them he should tell us because there is no basis for negotiation.

“This is the time for Jonathan to act like an Ijaw man and he should stop disgracing us.

“Jonathan should hit them and he should tell us if he cannot hit them so that we can help him to hit them mercilessly. I have the potential to hit them hard. It is on record that I once held Nigeria hostage and Nigeria could not produce oil for 48 hours and my activities forced the prices of crude oil globally to rise by $30 one day. It was unprecedented and I can repeat it.

“The plot against Jonathan will surely fail but the President should be decisive with these people once and for all. Jonathan should assert himself as President and put these people where they should be. Obasanjo, who is leading these people did two terms and he plotted a third term.

“There should be no negotiation with dissidents. It should be total war, no retreat, no surrender and let us see who will run first. There is time for peace and there is time for war. This is the time to go into war.

“Jonathan should know that this is the time for war and if he cannot sustain the war, we will help him to sustain it. How many governors attempted to frustrate Obasanjo? Ibori and others were united behind Atiku Abubakar to frustrate Obasanjo and they failed because Obasanjo was strong, assertive, decisive and courageous.

“Jonathan should be strong to deal with them but whether he is strong or not, we are ready to support and stand by him. It is not a one-man battle but a total war and they must be totally vanquished.”

Besides, Asari-Dokubo asked Jonathan to hand over the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, to the ex-fighters in the Niger Delta for a decisive action.

On Amaechi, he said, “Let the security men step aside and let us see how Amaechi can come to Rivers State. Amaechi should not be protected because he has betrayed the collective interest of the Niger Delta.

“Jonathan should be decisive and look at the other way and allow us to stand on the streets for 24 hours and we will see whether this madness by Amaechi will not end.”

Source: Codewit World News


  1. If the core north thinks the can use Islamic terrorism to drive non-core northerner from Aso rock,we need to renegotiate the continue existing of Nigeria as corpotate entity and have look at
    Orkar declaration 1990.

  2. @ samson: someone here is talking about war and is not a northerner and u can still hypocritically close ur eyes at the truth only to condemn the north again. I think it’s hightime u stopped being too ethnic over sensitive ‘cos it will do u no good other than wat u’re reaping now as a nigerian amidst all these conditions. And as for Asari, he is a disgrace to the Islamic fold, he should go and learn more about how the holy book tells us to live with our fellow men and he shld stop deceiving the ijaws ‘cos he his not for them but for himself.

    • Yes! Since they don’t want peace. What wrong has Jonathan done? Did Obasanjo and other former presidents perform better than him? Since his tenure this is the trust time ASUU is going on a long strike and it’s due to an unapplicable agreement they signed with Yara adua, unlike how it was in previous administrations. So what’s this buzz everywhere as if he has committed a serious crime. Desperate northerners are some selfish opposition and tribal elements are just trying to frustrate him and cause chaos everywhere, but we will surely resist them. The core north can’t keep dictating how this country will be ran. During census they will say what to add and what not to add, and economically they contribute nothing. I am also highly disappointed with some of our Yoruba leaders with due respect, how can they be conniving with the core north to undermine Jonathan’s authority? We supported Obasanjo against this core northern elements even though his government has nothing to boast about, yet some of the Yorubas who should be an ally are turning into fiercer foes, this is betrayal. Our Yoruba brother should think twice about the path they are taking, communing with the core northerners is like taking a stroll with the devil.

  3. A true Niger Delta speaking. Don’t settle for does miscreant if the want Peace they should Peace with sincerity but if they refuse they should be ready to play the game from their own house. You can sell your brother for a mere Promise of Vice Presidency remember that no one ever betrayed and survived it. We the South South we are no slave to any power seeker. We can’t bring our resources and also be conditioned on how to make use of it. Be warned!

  4. It’s a shame how Nigerian’s still react to stuffs like this…..Mr Dokumbo has no interest in the welfare of the common Ijaw,he is a war-monger by default,each time he opens his mouth nothing good comes out of it, and he is not alone,we have so many people like them in the North and all over the country,they only care about themselves and giving the opportunity they will be worse than our current leaders, let Nigerians open there eyes and see what is happening, even this fight in the PDP when you break it down to basics all resulted from self enrichment, these our leaders only fight for themselves,they don’t care about you or me,I beg all those that keep insulting each other from different part of this Country to stop and look at what our leaders are doing,Nobody cares if you eat,fall sick or die.

    • Nura! the people that split from the pdp are the people are drumming for and, the are the war mongers. Dokumbo is only bold to say what he is saying, they are using another way of inviting war. Nobody is a child to know, that the north is putting the lives of innocent Nigerians in problem.

      • @John…..let me correct u,The People defecting from PDP are people that stand to loose come 2015,so what they are doing is to aggravate the situation so that they will gain ground & get a lil bit of traction,I bet you they are not leaving the PDP bcos they care about you or me,they are doing it bcos they want personal gain,what will happen is that the Party will call them later & strike a deal to compensate them & everybody will be happy so that they will continue stealing our wealth.

    • My Comment: NURA is very inttelligent and talks like a political scie Lecturer, i admire Nura’s wisdom. There is sense in what Apepe is saying, Ganah has one common language, see America, British. Asari is not calling for the kind of war we all think, he is calling for GEJ our president to be bold like OBJ and call a spade a spade. The war he is talking is also for our president to careless about what people will say about him and then act like a man.
      Sunday Ohizua also made good point by trying to let us to know that the core northerners are the people chasing power and does not want other people to rule. We can not kill Rotimi Amaechi, he still one of us, all we need to do is to flog and then bring him back.
      We have different leadership style, and that’s why i will not blame GEJ for the style he is using. Though it might take time but it will definately yield result at the long last.
      ATIKU is the problem of this country.

  5. They are playing politics and this over-bloated frog is talking militancy, he will be surprised that he will be the one to be left behind when everything is settled, his disposal might actually be used as part of reconciliation condition. while people are strategizing with their intelligentsia, the only thing he can do is make noise, does he not realize that politicians and rich men doesn’t like noisemakers, they see them as nuisance and always manage to get rid of them no matter whose side the noisemaker is. GEJ is a cool man, it is just unfortunate that he is surrounded bad advisers and many of which were actually imposed on him and they eventually became burden on him. People still seem to love this guy(Dokubo) as i wonder why he hasn’t take a sniper’s bullet in the head till now, don’t be surprised if the sniper comes from his own inner circle, you can’t trust anyone when it comes to power and money, the militants also knows how to play the game among themselves.

  6. Hmn! Alhaji softly softly o! This drum of war will do no one any good. We should instead solve our problems within. If avalanche falls who knows where it will be affected most! War War Nba.
    Suggestions: let’s revert to the old anthem to solve the present crises thus: “…….Help us to build a nation, where no man is oppressed” Of course, through negotiation NOT WAR!

  7. We have to tell our self d truth, The northerners should allow jonathan to enjoy is tenure, what good for d good is good for others, They should allowed the Ijaw man to finish there own tenure, why? d sole called northerners leaders are always crazy for power! Why! Why! Nigeria belong to all of us, we yoruba used two tenure, nd this is d tenure of ijaw man let them enjoy it as well, then follow by d north, most of nigeria politician are crazy, can they borrow good practice from US, it was d turn of minority nd they all rally round OBAMA to finish his second term in d office, we should give peace chance for this administration to delivered all the good promises made by d mr president to good people of this country,” god bless my country”

    • You are telling the truth but don’t forget it’s not only Northerners that are hungry for power, & almost all Politicians in this world are Power drunk,what u ve to understand is that all what our leaders care about is there selves, Nigeria has one of the most expensive democracy in the world