Amaechi Must Give Account Of How He Spent Rivers’ N3tr – Nwuche

Nwuche-AmaechiA former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives and one-time acting national vice chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, Hon. Chibudom Nwuche has called on Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to explain to people of the state how the N3trillion that accrued to the state in the last six years has been spent.

Nwuche, who threw the challenge at the governor yesterday in Port Harcourt, was apparently reacting to a statement credited to Mr. Amaechi that most of his critics are persons who had failed careers but have chosen the corridors of power as their next source of livelihood.

But Nwuche said, “the real issues are the questions concerning the deployment of the over N3 trillion he has received as statutory allocations in the past six years.

“Also to be accounted for are state-owned investments and ventures such as the Olympia Hotel, Risonpalm, Abonema Waterside, Supabod Stores, Catering Rest House, the fleet of aircraft left by the Odili administration and so many other assets that were procured for public good have now been sold off in a manner that was not  so transparent.

“Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital is today a glorified village lacking in water, light, roads and other infrastructure and yet the governor fritters away the state funds in sponsoring clandestine political junkets and other luxury items.

“It is indeed very difficult to justify honest utilization of these accruals with only a few over publicized school buildings and health centers. As I have said at several fora, Rivers people demand an account,” Nwuche declared.

Reacting to the former Speaker’s allegation, the state Commissioner for Agriculture, Emmanuel Chindah said those who are attacking Gov. Amaechi are seeking for political relevance.

According to Mr. Chinda, the governor’s developmental strides in the state are on ground for everyone to see and challenged those criticizing Mr. Amaechi for open debate in governance.


  1. I see Amaechi as a man without integrity, what has Nwuche’s said that is right on course,even Jesus gave a parable of the unjust steward,the man was told to give an account of his steward.This ,in terms of youth under ‘underpowerment ‘that Ameachi is doing needs to be audited, its a sahem most of SSouth Governror has nothing to offer to their people,look at PH ,with traffic till toda,why is it ieither cultiist or rouges ruling this region. Its a shame no dividend of democracy

  2. It is often said dat he who seek equity must do equity… B4 u lash ur tongue on som1, be sure dat u hav no error… Chibudom Wuchie u’ve spent a consecutive years @ d green chamber with a marvellous position as d deputy house speaker yet there’s no iota or scintilla of development dat u can point @ showing wat u’ve done 4 d pple of Ahoada u represented… Hmmm, u’re suppose 2 hide ur stinking face where d person of Amaechi is talking bcos u lack d locus standi 2 speak 4 d Rivers pple… Wen u hav d right 2 speak as a deputy speaker 4 Ahoada, Rivers nd Nigeria u turned 2 a dummy… Here u’re talking wen u knw ur voice can not even leave within dat purview where u’ve made ur sanctimonious statement. 4 as I knw u’re even Worster dan d worstest Rivers Politician bcos u’re a failure nd ur only option is 2 fix urself within d cheapest corridors of power… U can’t even win election again in ur home town. If u don’t leave Ameachi alone u will hav urself 2 blame. Who ar u 2 ask him 2 account 4 Rivers pple? Are u our spokesperson? Go nd sleep if u don’t hav somfin serious 2 do Mr. Chibudom. Incase u neva knw Ameachi is d best governor dat Rivers has eva produced apart from Spiff. nd it is uncontestable.

  3. I thought Governor Amaechi and the G7 said they would accountability from Federal Government? How come you don’t like also being questioned for things you accuse others of? And of you who have been hired to always react against critics against Amaechi and him giving Account to Rivers State people. Please tell me what is wrong about that in a democratic state as Nigeria? You said Chibudom Nwuche didn’t use his office as Deputy speaker to bring developments in his home town and Ahoada ok. Tell me what Amaechi did in Ikwerre LGA as a Speaker Of Rivers State house of Assembly for 8yrs ? I have been in a church or two were Governor Amaechi foolishly altered a comment with micro phone saying that his Government don’t lavish cash like the previous one meaning when he was the Speaker and second in command in actualizing what he seem to be shifting to Governor Odili mean while he was the main tool used for every mistake any could accuse Odili of even when he was asked to probe him but refused now he is busy making mockery of his past activities thinking he is a changed man sorry you are still the same person. He who goes for equity must go with a clear hands you and your hired critics. Shameless things. If he is Innocent let him defend it be giving us adequate report

  4. Hon Chibudom is very correct whether Chibudom didn’t bring any development in his LGA or not does that really mean that Port Harcourt is not suffering from traffic congestions? Youths are loitering with the amount of wealth given to the state from FG and the state internal generated revenue has Amaechi really done anything good for the state? How many rods did he do in phc because I know that is his own Rivers state, Even the sole called Schools and health centres he claims he built isn’t it same that was funded by World bank and Central bank? You are seeing what Akpabio is doing at Akwa ibom state visit every LGA and see the road projects and many more yet the people of the state are not realising Internal Revenue like Rivers State. Lagos are busy using theirs in making Lagos great ours is used to enrich those in Power. Tell me how much was given to Dr Odili for 8yrs and what Amaechi has received so far and score him please.

  5. Please imagine some one who was given 100,000 for shopping after buying plates,pots and spoons how much should be left with him?Are you aware that if 2trillion out of 3trillions was invested in Rivers State it would have had a greater shape than what we claim today? Please if you want to defend the Governor use his score card and compare what he has received to put those things in other. Governor Amaechi did fake and hypocritical LGA to LGA town hall meeting that the people request don’t become reality. How much did the whole roads,school and Health centre buildings cost them as a sincere and transparent Govt? Those are his said targets and achievements for that huge sum he took hmmmmmm na wa o.