Friend Zone: Chidinma Ekile Says Phyno Is Her Guy

Reports were circulating weeks back that singer Phyno was dating fellow singer Chidinma aka Mz Kedike.

The petite singer, Chidinma revealed to HipHopWorld magazine that the rapper is currently in her “friendzone” and there is nothing going on between them…

Read excerpts below:

Your Lovey-dovey Picture with Phyno went viral… (above)
It did! Less than 20 minutes after we put up the picture on Instagram, it just went crazy and we were not even in Lagos; we were in Abuja. We went for the Hennessy Artistry and we were at the airport before we went to the hotel, so we were just taking pictures then before we knew it, it was everywhere. It was kind of funny because we were just two people sitting somewhere and making the industry talk.

You are saying your relationship with Phyno is Platonic?
Phyno is my guy!

Your Guy?

Wait, you’re Friend-zoning Phyno?
Yes… Definitely!


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