ASUU Strike May End In Days


Strong indications have emerged that the lingering strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, may end in the next one week, following a 13-hour meeting than ran from Monday afternoon into the early hours of Tuesday, between the union and the federal government.

The meeting which was led by President Goodluck Jonathan, had the leadership of ASUU, Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC, all present, with sources saying after the meeting that both the Federal Government and leaders of ASUU had shifted grounds and leaders of ASUU would meet with its National Executive Council to brief members on the outcome of the meeting and then take necessary action.

“Both the Federal Government and the leadership of ASUU are now on the same page. Both parties have shifted grounds. The leadership of ASUU will now meet with its appropriate organ to brief its members and take the necessary action.

“ASUU is in the right position to inform the public after meeting with its organ. However, I can tell you that all things being equal, the strike should be over in the next one week,” a source told Vanguard.

The meeting between the government and the labour leaders started at about 2:30pm on Monday and ended at about 3:30am on Tuesday with a 15 minutes break.

Speaking after the meeting, National President of ASUU, Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge, told newsmen that his delegation was taking back a message from President Jonathan to their members.

He however declined to disclose what the message was and when asked whether he was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, the ASUU leader told journalists not to put words in his mouth.

“We have had a lengthy meeting with Mr. President, rubbing minds on how best to address the problem of university education in this country.

“We now have a message from Mr. President that we are going to take to our members and we are expecting that our members will respond appropriately to his message,” Fagge said.


  1. Even if the strike is called off, school should postpone their resumption till first week in Jan, cos December break is fast approaching, and it would only amount to waste of time and resources if students go to school next week, and the have to come back second or third week in December to resume first week in Jan again. More so, many students have engaged themselves in part-time jobs, that will last them thru the year. ASUU has listened to FG, they should also listen to the voices of students.

    • Na wa for human beings. Just as there are indications of the strike ending you are talking of resumption in January. But if they are not calling off, you will shout that asuu is not patriotic or govt is insensitive depending on which side you belong. Human beings are hard to satisfy, moreso Nigerians. Abeg, make school open sharp sharp make we go back.

  2. abimbola plz speak for ur self,,and nt for ‘all students’..we’v had enof holidays cnt we jst stay in school durin d public holidays?d students da got a job if dey chuz to rmain at home fine and am sure any final year student will forfeit d job and return..

  3. @Abimbola, park well ok… Do we look like kids that cries for x-mas clothes, food and whatever! We are damn too tired of staying at home doing nuffin…Some of us are writting our project before the unforeseen strike interrupted. Yu hv no idea for the urge of getting bak to skool after the compulsory and boring strike. I think most students are eager to resume skool no matter d duration. Final year students need to continue there projects and aswel be preparing for dia exams… Pls, don’t speak for students in general bcos yu gat no clue about them….

  4. Michael u have a point there, specially me am tired of home n also am missing school. @ Abimbola pls if ur dnt knw wat to say or u re tired of schooling u kindly informed us dan to be saying nonses ok.

  5. Abimbola if Ʊ like ǧξτ a job in CBN or NNPC dats Ʊr cup of tea, Ʊ hv †̥☹ choose Ʊr degree or new N10,000 job or whatever Ʊ call it; ppl like Ʊ are not even suppose †̥☹ be in sch in D̶̲̥̅̊ first place!!

  6. Abimbola tell us the kind of part-time job you are engaged in… Is it pr…..? If so you can still continue when school resumes… Hundreds of thousands are at home right about now tired of the house. So shut up!

  7. Why is everyone mad @ abimbola?. Let’s just continue praying fervently ‘cos as for me,i don’t believe in mr president at all he’s full of deceit,for fagae not to have disclosed the outcome of the meeting to the public it means there is @ least a particle of deceit from F.G. ASUU calling off the strike without F.G meeting d demands is like resuming back to our vomit. May God help us all

  8. Are we sure Ajimbola is a student. He may be one of these touts that always pretend to be students but has no identity with any institution. A day in skuu b4 any December break means a lot to thousands of Nigerian students. So,Ajimbola simply speaks for ur kind of self, ok.

  9. we are still apelling to our staff that they should have mercy to us and return to schol.we are also praying that they should acquire their demand.and we ned to contineour with study in that moment bcos we affect our calenda

  10. Hehehehehehehe… Abimbola… Infact, I hav nufin 2tell u nd u get luck u no de witin my reach, I 4slap u!!! Xo jxt thankGod, LOL!!!

  11. as 4 me let stop talking about abimbola or faggie A
    ll i know is dt ASU shud call off d strike so dt d poor masses can go back 2 skull

  12. 4 me I’m tired of home…asuu shud pls call us. Schs shud not even allow xmas break or gv at most 2 days cos its not easy here. I’m in my final year o n abt wrytin final igzam b4 dis strike. Next week good abeg

  13. @ Abimbola. I’m sure u need deliverance.. If u av notn optimistic to talk about, jes shussh up ur mouth dan sayn rubbish.. As for me, m tired of stayn @ hom n i strongly believ ASUU is calln off soonest..

  14. You don’t have to blame abimbola, its just that when you see a mad man talking you should already know there can never be a reasonable idea in all he has to say

  15. I know the strike wud be ova.. Lets jst go bk to skul dats all. We can do xmas in skull….. We hv been at home for too long… So holiday don do..

  16. Infact 4 d sake of Nsuk student, Asuu shld pity us bcus dis whole yr wil be a waste 4 us if dnt call off, so dat we can go bk nd write our first semister exam. GOD TOUCH DER HEART DIS WK.

  17. So abt 5 months now at home almost doing nothing is not enough holiday quo. Wetin b chrstmas n wot will it add 2 my life. Abeg mek them do nd send innocent students bck 2 skul jare.

  18. Commitment is made, there are only promise and hope but no plans. Money and corruption are ruining the land crooked politicions betray the working man pocketing the profit and treating us like sheep, and were tired of hearing promises that they will never keep.
    Let God’s promise shine on our problem.

  19. Its a free world n dere is freedom of Errytin,u jez v to drop ur comment not insult any1 anyway let’s jez kip praying………All is well

  20. Please is Gợ̣̣̝̇̇̇Ợ̥d to be good . What makes you a child of God is the way you speak to your fellow being, despite his actions towards your felling, abimbola speak for his benefit with out considering the lost of other people, but that will not make us to condemn his unpleasant view, he is not the problem you have, but Asuu and FG is the problem of we student. God bless Nigeria. ASUU remember that all that enter the mouth must enter the toilet. FG see Nigeria student as your future, leader, director. God help Nigeria

  21. pls o,u guys shud let abimbola be,who spoke her mind,nd to me she made sense n d nonsense,stil make dem jst cal d strike off,atleast we fit rush d calenda,nd wetin be xmas wen students dey flex evryday,abeg me i ready to scrap dat tin o asuu nd co pls

  22. Most u guys insultin abimbola, u all responded as if u spend most of ur time reading ur books. Do u guys even read? U prefer goin bck 2 skul dis remainin wks jistin wit frnds abt hw his/her strike was spent nd livin luxury liv and 4getin d money u ar wastin is comin out 4rm ur parent’s pocket nt urs. Most of our lecturers ar even preparin 4 xmas holidays nw. Goin bck 2 skull nw is addin mur stress to d student. But by nxt year, dey must hv been fully prepared 4 lectures . Dn’t deceive urself okay. Dis year is finished already.

  23. Me I’m just tired, I’m working but I don’t mind quitting the job, there’s nothing like school, I miss my friends and school life. I can’t wait to go back, and I pray we never experience such again.

  24. God pls i wanna go bck nxt week am tired of staying at home……..i coudnt even get a job all dis 4months….pls asuu am tired of dis holiday i dnt even mind xmas break

  25. Na wa,igbo man is hapy abt the striks bcos he ned’s money.yeroba man said asuu go ahead bcos he want’s paty to continu.hausa man want’s the strk to be bcos he wants to move around wt nama.4 me asuu 4gt the strik so that can eat 4rm student.thanks God bless u all.


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