Miley Cyrus Twerking and Smoking Weed on Amsterdam Stage


Just when it appeared that Miley Cyrus could not be more controversial if she tried, the 20 year-old entertainer has managed to top her MTV VMA performance. By twerking with a “little person” and toking a spliff/joint/marijuana (or insert slang name of choice here) cigarette, aka smoking weed, live onstage in Amsterdam at the MTV EMA event, she has outdone herself, once again.

The former Hannah Montana has repeatedly said that she will continue to seek attention in her new career path and her actions during the awards program backed her claims. Apart from her attention seeking activity, Miley also won the best video award for her music video for Wrecking Ball.

With her controversial music video winning the award, she must feel somewhat vindicated. Artists in the music industry have been quick to criticize the singer’s actions. Sinead O’Connor sent the young performer an open letter via her Facebook page in which she told Miley she was “pimping herself.” Cyrus did not take kindly to the insinuation that she was being controlled by someone else. Her response to the Irish singer was as controversial as her performance at the MTV VMA.

After a short Twitter versus Facebook battle that left Miley looking less like her Hannah Montana character than anything else she had done previously; she continued her quest to be the most watched and talked about person in show business. O’Connor threatened the ex Disney princess with legal action if she did apologise for her remarks about the Nothing Compares to U singer’s mental health.

In a move calculated to take advantage of Holland’s lax marijuana laws and to keep her in the public’s mainstream of controversy, Miley smoked some weed live onstage. She also continued her current practice of twerking with a little person aka dwarf, onstage as well.

While her twerking with little people is nothing new as Miley has been doing this particularly tasteless routine most of this year. Presumably she got the idea for it after her teddy bear laden performance on the MTV Video Music Awards show in August this year.

The Sunday show had an impressive line-up that included Eminem and Katy Perry. The show had a space theme and Miley came out wearing a silver spandex onesie that showed perhaps a bit more than her latex nude bra and panties outfit on her previous MTV appearance. Her outfit was far less headline grabbing than her open consumption of cannabis on the Dutch stage.

Amsterdam cannabis bars or coffee shops are a well known tourist attraction for tourists who aren’t bothered about going to France’s Disneyland Paris attraction just down the road. In Holland smoking weed is not illegal and is sold in cafes with proper menus of just what marijuana blend the establishment has on order.

Miley has always professed her personal fondness of the cafes in Amsterdam and she took advantage of the relaxed cannabis laws. Apparently, before the show, she hung out at a local Greenhouse “coffee shop” with some other performers from the MTV show. Apart from Miley’s win for Wrecking Ball a few other fan favorites also received a gong or two.

Katy Perry won the award for Best Female Artist and according to reports she was surprised when her name was called out. There were reports that Perry spat out a mouthful of champagne when her name was announced. It seems likely, though, that considering the comic bent of Ms Perry, that this was done for effect rather than genuine surprize.

The 29 year-old Roar singer offers a nice contrast to the raw sexually oriented Cyrus. Katy seems to have taken the mantle of girl-next-door in comparison to Miley’s bad girl image. Cyrus lacks the ability to empower the same way that Katy does with her music.

Other winners of the EMA’s included Eminem and Bruno Mars. At 41, Eminem proved that he still has the touch when he performed his Rap God live on the show. The rapper won two awards in the ceremony; Best Hip Hop and Global Icon.

Viewers should be prepared for more controversy from Miley Cyrus as she twerks and smokes weed onstage in Amsterdam for the MTV EMA show. Keep eyes peeled for Katy Perry’s airborne performance of Unconditional. There will also be an appearance from Will Ferrell during Eminem’s award presentation. It will be interesting to see how the public react to Miley’s latest stunt.

By Michael Smith

United Kingdom