1. Is Jonathan becoming uncontrollable? The more his atrocities are exposed the worst he continues to be obstinate.
    He should know that Nigeria is bigger than him. The touts and military might he relies on will not save him when crisis comes. Has he been able to curtail Boko Haram? Mr President tread softly.
    Jonathan honors liars, therefore all his advisers are wicked and liars, Prov.29:12. The bible says, “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.” Prov.3:27. “If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat. If they are thirsty, give them water to drink. You will heap burning coal on their heads, and the Lord will reward you.” Prov.25:21-22.
    The money being disbursed is from Federation account, meant for citizens of this country and not political parties. Why should he discriminate in disbursing it when all the states are entitle to it?
    Jonathan is behaving like a wicked ruler, becoming dangerous to the poor masses of this country. If he fails to change he is nearing his end. “Only a stupid prince will oppress his people, but a king will have a long reign if he hates dishonesty and bribes. Prov.28:16.
    Prov.6:12-15 gives description of wicked people and their end. Jonathan is behaving like a slave who become a king, Prov.30:21-23.
    The mistake we made is that we allowed ourselves to be forced into giving foolish people great authority and denying people of proven worth their rightful place of dignity, Prov.10:5-6. The ruling class that claims to be elders are threat to the development of this nation. Their continue existence is dangerous and a disaster to the development off this country. They have betrayed us in many ways. They have institutionalised their families and relations to dynasties. Their performances lack integrity. They are not ready to repent and their manipulations in term of rigging led us to this calamity. Let us join hands and forces together to chase them out of their sit tight comfort zone.