I Never Planned To Be Governor, Says Yero

yero-potrait-officialGovernor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State yesterday at a town hall meeting in Kaduna said he never planned to be governor and that contrary to allegations that his administration was inactive and slow, he is rather trying to figure out how best to govern the state.

Gov. Yero, who was responding to questions from one Suleiman Makarfi on why the government was inactive, said: “To me, there is nothing to hurry about when you just come in as a leader. You need to understand what you are going to do and what is on the ground and for me being in government since 2007, I know that any head of government needs time to understand what government is all about. So if you look at it, I am barely one year in office as the governor but I have been in the system since 2007, some will say, I have been a commissioner from 2007 to 2010 when I became the deputy governor and became the governor in 2012”.

He added: “The truth is that all these positions are not the same, if you are a commissioner, you will only receive directives and you will also give your own advice. If you are the deputy governor, you are only supporting your boss, who is the governor but as the governor, everything ends on your table, whether good or bad; so the whole arrangement and responsibilities are quite different and you may not understand it until you find yourself in that kind of position”.

The governor said he would ensure that people live in peace.

It would be recalled that Yero was deputy to Gov. Patrick Yakowa, who died in a helicopter crash December 15, 2012 in Bayelsa State.