Jonathan Won’t Contest 2015 Elections, Amaechi May Be Eliminated, Says Lagos Prophet

amaechi-receives-jonathan-at-ph-As the political battle towards 2015 gathers momentum, a Lagos-based clergyman, Prophet Marcus Tibetan has revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan would not contest the 2015 general elections.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos while unfolding his predictions for 2014, Prophet Tibetan said that some powerful forces in the country would conspire to force Mr. Jonathan to drop his 2015 ambition just as he prophesied that the Peoples’ Democratic Party,  PDP, will win the elections.

Tibetan said, “PDP will win but not with Jonathan. PDP has no trouble within it. Jonathan will not contest. God told me that the generals have concluded on Jonathan.”

He also urged former the immediate past governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel to pray hard against political persecution that would lead to his being jailed for corrupt practices, just as he also asked another former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala to watch against paralysis being visited upon him.

The clergyman also advised Rivers State governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to pray against premature death as the country approaches 2015, saying the forces that eliminated a former national vice-chairman of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, Marshall Harry, might also do the same to him.

On the 2014 FIFA World Cup holding in Brazil, Tibetan predicted that the Super Eagles would reach the semi-finals, but prayed that nothing negative would happen to the national coach of the team, Mr Stephen Keshi, in the build up to the mundial.

“We are going to make a lot of achievements in sports. We will do well at the World Cup, if they [those in authority] should allow [Stephen] Keshi to perform his duty.

“But my prayer is that Keshi should not drop dead before that time. If nothing happens to him, we will reach the semi-finals”, he said.



  1. NIGERIA AND THE COMING 2015: The same Generals are the problem of this country. They brought OBJ, YarAdua, Jonathan, infact, all past and present Heads of state, miltary or civilian, yet Nigeria is not making any progress, except moving without motion. Now, they are fed up with jonathan and are plotting to bring another man who will never probe them, but continue to feed their overgrown ego and do their bidding. That’s why, there can never be any progress or changes from our present backwardness to an El Dorado as long as these Generals lead us by the nose and we continue to tolerate them. That’s why the likes of Buhari whom they see as a stingy threat can never be President. How did we get into this mess in the first place, where only the Generals determine and choose who rules? APC, must distance themselves from these lot if it is to win the 2015 elections or is serious about her rescue mission or will they buckle under the choice of the Generals who will emerge from the PDP.

  2. My God forgive you prophet who wish Nigeria bad,tell your god that Goodluck is d next president come 2015. Tell your god not Jehovah God am worshiping that Amechi will not die tell him that keshi will not die tell whoever is your god that eagles are winning 2014 world cup at brazil. D plan of God for his people are plan of good to take us to d expected end not evil. Keep your evil prophesy for your family not Nigerians

  3. Any prophecy apart from d one I hear from TB Joshua can not b taken seriously.for d past 6yrs that I hav taken into record of dis man’s profecy,is always 100%.readers,let’s wait til january for real authentic profecy from d man of God.if u like call him names,d fact stl remain,his judgement is in d hand of God

  4. APC will fail in 2015 if they continue to embrace PDP in all its shades n colours. Nigerians intend to vote out pdp in 2015 not because of its name but bcos of evil elements within the party who has ganged up against Nigeria n her citizens, if these evil elements re allowed into apc the style will be the same if not worse!