Obasanjo’s Letter A True Reflection Of The Disappointment And Discontent In The Nigerian State Under Jonathan – ACF

Jonathan-and-Obasanjo-360x225The pan-northern socio-political organization, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, in its second reaction to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, described the former President’s alleged leakage of the 18-page letter to the press as indecorous and flayed him for disregarding what it termed the “elitist decorum of behind the camera counsel”.

ACF also described the presidency’s response to the letter as even more indecorous due to the language used just as it pleaded with the media and the public to concentrate on the issues raised in the letter and not on how they have been presented.

According to a statement signed by ACF spokesman Mr. Anthony Sani yesterday in Kaduna, “While it may be indecorous for the former president to leak altercations between him and a sitting president well known to be his political vassal, it is more indecorous for the presidency to resort to uncouth language for replies.

“Obasanjo’s letter is a mirror that reflected the bewildered and the beleaguered state of the nation,” Sani stated, adding that the enthusiasm and goodwill that greeted the emergence of President Jonathan have since evaporated in the heat of his incompetence and the flaming fire of corruption and ethnicity that characterizes his administration.

“Chief Obasanjo’s letter is a true reflection of the disappointment and the discontent in the Nigerian State and a dissertation on the reality of the Jonathan regime.

“The very fact that Obasanjo disregarded the elitist decorum of behind the camera counsel and made his views through a letter demonstrates the degree of deafness of the regime and its allergy to reason,” the statement added.