T.B. Joshua Debunks Rumours On Malawi President

President of Malawi,, Joyce Banda
President of Malawi,, Joyce Banda

The Synagogue Church of All Nations, has debunked rumours spreading around that Malawi’s President Joyce Banda, has received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that she will only be president for another two years after the 2014 elections are totally false.

The church said in a statement on Saturday that the rumours are mischievous and originated from the “father, the sons and daughters of lies”.

“There are rumours spreading around that T.B. Joshua has given Malawi’s President, Joyce Banda, a prophecy about the 2014 elections and told her that she will be President for only two years. These rumours are 100 per cent false and are not from Prophet T.B. Joshua or The SCOAN,” the Facebook statement read.

“Do not listen to the father of lies, the sons of lies and the daughters of lies,” it added.

Banda was spotted arriving T.B. Joshua’s church in Lagos Nigeria, Thursday, for prayers from a man she calls her ‘spiritual godfather’. It was her second visit in recent weeks to the Nigerian church.


  1. Everything about Nigeria has decayed. Our media are just too lazy, all they know is copy and paste without taking time to find out the truth. We blame govt for everything, who’s fault is this? May be Jonathan’s. Nigeria is not a living but just existing on planent earth. Too bad