2014 Budget: Don’t Do Business With Rivers Government, PDP Warns Banks, Others

amaechi-present-budgetThe Rivers State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has warned banks and other financial institutions in the country not to deal with the administration of Governor Rotimi Amaechi as it concerns the 2014 appropriation Act recently passed into law by the State House of Assembly.

The party insisted that the passage into law of the 2014 budget outside the legislative chambers of the State House of Assembly by pro-Amaechi lawmakers remained illegal, null and void, and was of no effect.

The lawmakers had passed the 2014 budget inside the old auditorium of Government House, Port Harcourt, which they converted to a “makeshift chamber” until the House of Assembly complex is reopened by the police.

The PDP, in a statement signed by Jerry Needam, special adviser on media to the state chairman, Felix Obuah, described the budget as illegal and said any financial institution doing business with the state government on the basis of the 2014 budget, was doing so at their own risk.

The statement reads in part; “Governor Amaechi cannot have any other reason for the gross disregard for the Supreme Court judgement on the illegality and nullity of a state legislature to conduct its proceedings outside the constitutionally approved chamber, than to access more state funds to sponsor the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“To show how desperate Amaechi is about frittering away the state resources because of the people’s stiff opposition to his style of leadership, he has also continued to ask for another N100 billion loan besides the over a trillion naira already collected.

“This has proved that we are not just crying wolf that the state is broke despite Amaechi’s shameless denials, yet he is leaving no stone unturned in grabbing monies belonging to the state from all sources. We shall continue to stand against this broad-day roguery because we are all stakeholders and cannot remain silent in the face of this daring provocation by Amaechi and a few lawmakers and persons who are encouraging him so as to line their own pockets”.


    PDP has lost the grip of power in river state and has refused to let go its enstranged bed partner. The reality is, Ameachi and his followers are gone and they should accept it that way.
    Destroying what remain is no solution to the problem. If care is not taken, what remains will be lost.
    Jonathan and his party are pushing their luck too far. The ‘wild wild west’ crisis started just like this in the 1960s. By the time the cigarette ember they are lighting turns to inferno they may not live to see the end.
    What moral justification does the party has to cry foul on the activities of its opponent if it is not towing the right path of honor and honesty. The police violence on Ameachi administration is constitutionally wrong and morally unjustifiable. It lacks integrity and due respect for laws and order and due process that Jonathan has turned to national song and item. For Jonathan to turn his eyes and ears away from this happenings is a direct support to all criminally intended disruption act of the commissioner of police in River State.
    Those who want peace will toll the path of peace. Let PDP follow the right path to retrieve its lost glory in River State.