2015: Akwa Ibom No-Go Area For APC – Akpabio

Godswill AkpabioGovernor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State on Tuesday threw his weight behind President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term ambition and called on the President to declare his 2015 intention now without further delay.

Akpabio, who is the chairman of Peoples Democratic Party Governors Forum, PDPGF, made the call in Abuja when he visited the new national chairman of PDP, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu in his office at the Wadata Plaza national headquarters of the party.

While promising to deliver to the President all the delegate votes from his state, just like he did during the party’s 2011 presidential primaries, Akpabio also warned that Akwa Ibom is a no-go area for other political parties in 2015.

“We have no doubt and that is why we came to let you know that in Akwa Ibom PDP, there is no shaking. We would deliver the presidency.


“Akwa Ibom is intact for the PDP and it is a no go area for other political parties”, Akpabio said.

He added: “We did it in 2011 and I assure Mr. President that Akwa Ibom will do it again. We were the first set in 2010 to announce our support for him to go for his first tenure in 2011.

“We did that and other states followed. We are again the first state in 2014 to urge Mr. President to go back for a second term in office.

“We are a monolithic group in Akwa Ibom, although you may have one or two people who want to test the political waters here and there”, he added.

Information Nigeria reports that although Mr. Jonathan has deployed delay tactics over his reelection bid, his body language over time and the various support groups springing up calling on him to throw his hat in the ring, has continued to reinforce the general belief and suspicion among party chieftains that he might be scheming to clinch the 2015 presidential ticket of his party.


  1. The greatest thing that can surprise a man is when a sudden change comes at the least expected time. It is only a fool that will say he has the sole political control of his environment. Even the almighty God has a rival, and it is not everytime He has or exercise control on him (satan); how much more of a common human being, a breathing dust that has no control over his or her life span.
    Akpabio should take caution and be cautious in his approach. He should be aware that killing opponents or being violent to debar them from gaining ground may not work this time.
    Life is not static and the only thing that change is change itself. Akpabio should learn from history. When people think it is safe and peaceful, a certain destruction, political and insecury set in. PDP is experiencing disruption, division and act of betraying because it was too comfortable and too sure of its position as a party with majority.
    What people need is good governance that is sensitive to their plight and welfare. Akpabio should do everything to influence good governance at all PDP controlled states and at the Federal level. They should stop being brats, wasteful, vagabonds, thieves, vindictive and corrupt. For example, Stella Oduah’s case is still fresh with us; and all other corruption cases and awards giving to celebrate thieves. PDP should change its ways.


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