Barca Agrees to Increase Messi’s Earnings- Reports.

Barcelona have reportedly agreed in principal with Lionel Messi to improve his contract, which could at least have him match Cristiano Ronaldo’s earning.

Ronaldo’s annual earning is said to be in the region of £17m (€21m) with the new deal the Portuguese winger signed with Real last September, based on an initial salary and easily achievable clauses included.

In line with recent reports concerning Barca’s intention to appease the reigning world footballer of the year with an improved deal, reports that a deal in principal is already in place.

Getty Image. Messi's Return from a Hamstring Injury Draws Nearer.
Getty Image. Messi’s Return from a Hamstring Injury Draws Nearer.

The Catalans are understood to be looking to increase Messi’s earning by £4m a year (€5m), which could take him to the top of the global salary chart.

The Argentine is seen as currently earning £13m (€16m) annually.