Former French First Lady Says Hollande Affair News Was Like ‘Falling From A Skyscraper’

Former French First Lady Valerie Trierweile
Former French First Lady Valerie Trierweile

France’s former first lady says she and the president had grown detached recently but she was caught totally by surprise by his affair with an actress.

Valerie Trierweiler gave interviews to two French publications coming out this week describing for the first time some of what led to their break-up last weekend.

Trierweiler told the weekly Paris-Match, where she long worked as a journalist, that she didn’t believe rumours about the affair until a gossip magazine report earlier this month.

“When I found out, it was like I had fallen from a skyscraper,” she is quoted as saying.

She told the weekly Le Parisien Magazine that she and the president exchanged text messages while she was in India this week because he was worried about her health.

French president Francois Hollande had on Saturday told AFP he has split with his longstanding partner Valerie Trierweiler after his affair with an actress nearly 20 years his junior.

Trierweiler, 48, had checked into hospital after allegedly taking “a pill too many” to cope with shock revelations of Hollande’s secret visits to film star Julie Gayet, 41.