Imo PDP Raises Alarm Over Alleged Importation Of Boko Haram Members By Okorocha

okorocha_mdgThe leadership of Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State has alleged that the state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has imported suspected Boko Haram members into the state with the aim of eliminating his political opponents and causing breakdown of law and order.

PDP Secretary in Imo State, George Egu, who raised the alarm at a press conference in Owerri, the state capital yesterday, claimed that three truck-loads of young men arrived Owerri on January 15 and were kept at the premises of the Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies, CAPS.

“Our party has facts to believe that these men confessed to be Muslims from the Northern states of Kaduna, Kano and Kastina and were about 30 in number”, he said.

Egu expressed concern that the alleged Boko Haram suspects arrived the state less than 24hrs before the arrival of the governor from the United States.

The party also expressed fear that the presence of the suspected fundamentalists is “targeted at known political opponents of the state government and breaching the peace”.

He, therefore, called on the police and other security agencies in the state to be on alert.

In its reaction to the allegation, spokesperson to the state governor, Sam Onwuemedu, described it as false, saying it was ridiculous for members of the PDP to claim that they saw Boko Haram members and did not arrest or report them to the police.

“The Federal Government is looking for Boko Haram suspects and if members of the PDP have seen them, they should alert the government”, he said.


  1. so people are now boko haram members because they confessed to be muslims from the north, lunatics of the highest order!
    i wondered why some politicians are hell bent in tarnishing d image of government in power,irrespective of how crazy and destructive their claims are.
    for your information mr Egu and his fellow animal-like beings, being a muslim from which ever part of the country doesn’t mean the person is a boko haram member, boko haram members are our common enemies stop labeling muslims with unwarranted names for God’s sake!

  2. George Egu nd his PDP cohorts r sick. Frm all indications it is obvious dt PDP has notin tangible to hold against dis God sent governor. Imo people know the truth so they will never take you guys seriuosly. PDP is gone for good. God bless Imo nd No other