Our Grouse With PDP Beyond Tukur’s Removal – G5 Govs

rebel-govsThe group of five aggrieved governors of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, have reiterated their resolve never to return to the ruling party despite the resignation of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur as national chairman of the party.

The governors, who left the PDP last November following persistent conflicts with the Tukur-led National Working Committee of the party, said that they had proved to the world that they had a genuine reason to abandon the PDP and pitch tent with the APC.

The aggrieved governors also known as ‘G5’ said Tukur’s removal was only a part of the problem in PDP since the party had become synonymous with impunity and lawlessness.

Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State, who spoke through his director of press, Ahmad Sajoh, in reaction to reports that quoted President Goodluck Jonathan as saying the G5 governors would soon return to PDP following Tukur’s exit, said:  “We want it known that the main reason the G5 governors and their supporters left the PDP was the regime of impunity and lawlessness instituted in the party, and the deafness with which genuine agitations were ignored by the national leadership of the party.

“This was particularly more manifest in the manner in which properly constituted State executives of the party were wantonly dissolved and members suspended.

“Also, the G5 governors and other office holders in the party who went to the APC had objected to the erosion of all tenets and principles of democratic practice in the PDP particularly the imposition of candidates from Abuja on the electorate in their states contrary to outcomes of nomination processes, and the extreme regimentation of views and opinions in the party to the effect that when one holds an opposing view political aides are sent to insult and threaten such persons”.

The governors urged those asking them to return to the PDP to note that at the time they had been trying to obtain listening ears to their agitations most of those talking today had ignored them and at times even called them names.

“It should also be noted that on their part they had done everything possible to attract some understanding but no one cared.

“At times we even bent over backward to achieve results but we were spurned by both the PDP leadership and those calling them back today”.

The governors made it clear that Tukur’s resignation was not a sufficient reason to believe that the problems that necessitated their departure from the party had been addressed.

According to them, the only thing the resignation has achieved is to vindicate the G5 Governors that their agitations were after all genuine and that the steps they took are justified.

The governors said, “Our movement to the APC is therefore conclusive and the only option available to us under the circumstances is to remain there, save democracy in Nigeria, safeguard our honour and ensure that fairness and justice prevail in the country”.



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