Gulak: Opponents Of National Conference, Enemies Of Nigeria

f5f77151bccdc35eb8b23efd3d5962b8The Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, on Friday said any group that was still opposed to the National Conference was an enemy of the country.

The special adviser stated this when Men and Women of Action Campaign Team (MWACT), an affiliate organisation to the Goodluck Support Group (GSG), visited him in Abuja.

Gulak said that the conference was a deliberate strategy of the Federal Government and a symbol of its unrepentant stance on the sustenance of the unity of the country.

He said that the Jonathan Administration would not be discouraged from implementing people-friendly policies, in spite of the criticism of the opposition political parties.

“This administration is the biggest builder of infrastructure. It has taken bold steps to develop our economy.

“The Jonathan regime will not be deterred from waging war against any element, persons or groups that want to divide us as a people”, he said.

Gulak said that those accusing the Federal Government of pursuing an ethnic agenda were ignorant and that such views were intended to cause disunity among people.

“People should stop to make comments based on facts that were not founded, lies and conjectures”, Gulak said.

Mr Solomon Akaya, the National Coordinator of MWACT, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the decision to commence the construction of the Second Niger Bridge had raised Jonathan’s popularity.

“This government must confront the insurgency we are facing in the Northern part of our country head-on because that will translate to more votes in 2015”, he said.

The Director of Policy and Strategy of MWACT, Mr Osa Asemota, said that the real threat to Nigeria’s growth were those who criticised the Federal Government negatively.

He said that it was illogical for critics not to acknowledge the achievements of the Federal Government and that politics ought not to be a “do-or-die” affair.

“The main approach of the opposition has been to make President Goodluck Jonathan look unelectable through all manner of lies and machinations.

“They also make Nigeria ungovernable by their tendencies”, Asemota said.

Asemota urged the Federal Government to ignore calls for the removal of petroleum subsidy, saying that such a suggestion “is a Greek gift of a Trojan horse”. (NAN)