Russia Helped Yanukovych Because Angry Ukrainians Would Have Killed Him – Putin


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday said that he only helped his Ukrainian counterpart, Viktor Yanukovych, for “humanitarian reasons”, as protesters would have killed him if he remained in Kiev.

Putin said this said this when he answered questions from newsmen, adding that Yanukovych has no future in politics.

“We only did this over humanitarian considerations because death is the simplest way to get rid of the legitimate president.

“I think the protesters would have killed him if he was there,” he added.

He said the charges against Yanukovych, that he gave the orders to shoot at protesters may not be correct.

“It is difficult to say who did what; Yanukovych told me he never gave those orders.

“When Yanukovych said he was removing the riot police, I told him he will have anarchy and chaos in Kiev.

“And after he did that, chaos broke out, like I warned him,” he stressed.