Serena Williams Ends her Feud with Maria Sharapova with Fashion Kindness

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The tennis stars have long had a frosty relationship, dating back to when a 17-year-old Sharapova earned her breakout win against Williams in the 2004 Wimbledon final. Tensions reached an apex last year after Serena made an implied dig at Sharapova and her boyfriend in a Rolling Stone article, then Sharapova upped the ante by essentially calling Serena a homewrecker.

Cooler heads finally prevailed and the tennis stars went back to their normal routine of largely ignoring each other in public while Serena dominated their head-to-head series, which is still eminently watchable even with Serena having won 14-straight. Over the weekend, the easing of hostilities continued, as Serena sent the following tweet to her 4.1 million Twitter followers during Sharapova’s opening-round match at the BMP Paribas Open in California.

When told in a post-match press conference about Serena’s praise, Sharapova responded with an incredulous, “really, are those her exact words, totally cute?”

The "#supercute" dress. (Getty Images)

The “#supercute” dress.

Sharapova replied:

“I think we have to exchange designs. We have to design an outfit for each other, without knowing – that would be fun to do, without telling each other what it is, just unveiling it. You guys would all show up for that, right?