Abducted School Girls: Parents Give Up Hope, Question Army’s Commitment To Rescuing Students


Parents of the school girls yet to be released or escape from Islamist sect Boko Haram that abducted 129 secondary school girls at Chibok, Borno State on Monday have given up hope of seeing their children, as they said they have stopped making efforts.

The parents had contributed money to buy fuel for motorcycles to follow the abductors’ tracks up till 100 kilometres form Chibok, but they gave up after they were warned Boko Haram gunmen may kill them if they went further.

The perplexed parents had while on the Boko Haram trail said no Nigerian soldier was seen, despite the advertised manhunt of the abductors by Nigeria’s military authorities, raising doubts about the commitment of the military to rescuing their wards.

Military authorities had earlier goofed over the claim that all but 8 of the 129 school girls captured by the Boko Haram from a Chibok secondary school had been rescued, only for the principal of the affected school, the Borno State government and parents of the victims to come out to say the contrary.

The parents were therefore said to have given up on hopes of finding their children through the military’s help.

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