Bauchi State Govt. To Renovate Former Prime Minister’s 50-Year Old Guest House

isa-yugudaThe Bauchi State Government said it had concluded plan to renovate the Guest House used by the former Prime Minister, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa in Bayara area of Bauchi.

Mr Isola Adeyemi, Chief Press Secretary to Gov. Isa Yugda of Bauchi State, made this known at a news conference held at the two-bedroom house in Bauchi on Tuesday.

Adeyemi said “the small guest house was always used by the prime minister whenever he comes home on a visit to Bauchi from Lagos to relax and do some official works.

“He will leave his family house to the guest house to perform some official works and return to his family house located inside Bauchi metropolis.

“It is an old structure dating back to about 50 years. It will not be impossible to update it to a modern building, except if you are going to pull down the entire structure.

“The state government wants to keep it as a historical place and we are trying our best to preserve the place from total decay but to maintain the historical structure there.

“In few weeks time, work will commence on the structure that is currently being used as our guest house, we bring guests here for them to relax.

“It is built with mud. Therefore, it is not always easy to preserve because it normally gives way during rainy season”, he said.

He said the state government was trying to ensure that the two-bedroom building was kept as historical monument for coming generations to see a house used by a prime minister as guest house.

He said the governor had directed the Ministries of Tourism and Culture and Works to see what they could do to preserve the original structure. (NAN)


  1. Your excellency sir,
    If dey wntd to renovate d guest house please sir dey should remember me too,am a supplier n I will get them quality building materials 4 them.I look forward 4 your response sir.
    Thank you!


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