El-Rufai Shares Picture Of Jonathan Dancing With Lady During PDP Rally

President Goodluck Jonathan has been getting a lot of criticism from politicians and Nigerians for partaking in celebrations amidst unrest in the country.


It will be recalled that the President attended a PPD rally in kano just a day after the Nyanya attack which claimed the lives of scores of Nigerians in Abuja.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the terrorist group Boko haram also carried out an attack on the day of the rally, abducting 100 female students from a secondary school in Borno.

Contributing to the long list of politicians who have condemned President Jonathan’s actions, former FCT minister, Nasir El Rufai, has shared a picture online, which showed the President dancing and celebrating in Kano on the day of school girls’ abduction.

El Rufai eve took his time out to circle GEJ dancing against a woman during the rally.

Check out the photo below;


Source: LIB


  1. GEJ dancing after a bomb blast so close to his backyard a day after and d abduction of over 100 students d same day shows how incentive a leader like him is to what Nigerians are going through. Useless set of politicians!
    Waiting for a great CHANGE!!!

  2. El.rufai. U and ur group ar d main sponsor of boko haram u ppl ar root cous of insecurity in Nig but but all of u must die b4 jonatan nd u cant dictat d destiny of Nig. If u ar not nagative minded wht is d meanin of dis pix. But u go abt fukn ur felow Alaji’s wife to gv out contract as a minister. Pls go nd die oh Abacha is waitn 4u.

  3. That is the kind of leadership we having in this country. Who cares if one million Nigerians will die today, all they care is how to rig the next election and Gej is no exception. Only God can redeem this country, Nigeria.

  4. I salute your courage mR GEJ.haters can hug transformer for all I care! The opposition planted the bomb so as to stop him from attending the rally in Kano. Mr president pls dance more azonto for us so that your haters can kill themselves.mcteeeeeeeeEeeeew sickle elrufai

  5. Cheap Shot, he was at a rally for crying out loud. Pls APC too get whahala. They are the worst set of hypocrites in existence . Seriously after the bomb Mr P was at the site first hand, what else do you want?

  6. Some pple are more than fools_ I dnt fink GEJ is a responsible president, 4ck u oll who depend dix stupid president xpecially my muslim broda I.e abdullahi abubakar. “Yeepie 2 our fairless father!!!

  7. This is a fucking nonsence from a chickin brain like El Rufai. Rubbish tins. I see no contact btw de two parties n life is a two way tin, wen someone is rejoicin u join him n wen odas are cryin, u join dem. It’s de same mouth dat laughs dat cries too.

  8. I salute your courage Mr President. Your tenure will bring peace and unity. All those tat are causing problems in Nigeria are doing demselves. Opposition are looking for your downfall God will uphold you. Cling tightly to God. Dey will all fail.

  9. this stupid man call elrufai and buhari has promise bloody 2015 bcos they ar hungry for power wich they dnt hav d quality to hold.bt thank for there plan to depupulate northern nigeria so dey will get litle vote from there zone come nxt year.north and his helder still remain nigeria problem

  10. Thank you all for your comment,pls I just have only one question to ask you Plp .If one of brother or sister died will ur Father go to Occasion next day ad dancing there?what will you called that ur Father if see him dancing in public.

  11. President Jonathan is a lair when he told nigerians that his political ambition does not worth the blood of any nigerian, instead of saying that he does not give a damn for the blood of any nigerian. Demonstration of insensitivity and irresponsibility of the highest order. I weep for my country!

  12. The question we should ask ourselves is,is any of their relatives affected in this bombing sucide? Let d boko haram attack either jonathan or el-rufai children if they won’t find a lasting solution to this b/haram insurgent. My people we suppose to condemn this govt who is playing around with citizen’s lives, if d northener promised ungovernable to Gej government, can’t Gej come out to mention their names or Gej wants to tell us he doesn’t know these people? Why jonathan don’t want to call a spade a spade if he really wants to move this country forward? Useless sets of politician.

  13. this idiot called el rufai at it again, what nonsense! GEJ was @ nyanya dat morning, to assess and sympathize. So you want him stay indoors throughout, canceling all his appointments. Sure, he cancelled some. But if he stays indoors, it’s still these ApC that will be shouting that Boko incapacitated GEJ, mocking him! People’s eyes are now clear, GEJ is a courageous leader and tact and wit will win the battle, not shedding crocodile tears.

  14. May God save us from the doom of sentiment. May He guide our tongs from rough n trouble-ignition words. May He show Nigerians d truth to know. May He give us d ability to make positive change in this country Nigeria. Nomatter what Nigeria belongs to all of us. Let’s us b objective in our words n actions. God bless Nigeria!

  15. U people blasting el-rufai, I think u people need a medication for ur sickness. Assuming those who were bombed that unfaithful day were family member, I know u will not talk like this and that is why this country is not moving forward because we shy away from the truth., may Almighty God help us from this evil men and women that pretended they love this country and they are the enemy of state and they thought they are so powerful but God is watching all ur move.

  16. So, nigerians are now senseless commentators. A responsible president would be locked in a serious meeting with security personnel, giving them ultimatum, getting a minute by minute account of situations immediately after the abuja bomb blast instead of dancing or even engage in any political rally. Obama stopped his campaign train when disaster happened in a US state. The state was an opposition state and election was nearest- weeks away. In our case, it happened in the seat of power yet, the president went dancing. Caring president indeed and i quickly add, shameless supporters.

  17. By saying the 2ruth then everybody they course El Rufa’i, now if u may ask what achievement have we got from the Jonathan region apart from Boko Haram, let be true to ourselvs not selfish! So dont abuse Rufa’i again.

  18. As a father,d day u LL loose ur children, go dancing n tell d world d kind of dat u r. Dat is exactly wat GEJ did n u r sayin u don’t see anytin wrong wit it? Its indeed shows d kind of leaders u guys supportin GEJ will b wen given d opportunity. Abeg make una try de talk true

  19. How shameful could this boko haram sponsor elrafai can be . Look out how chicken his brain is . But one thing he should know is that all his evil intention and devilish plots with his boko haram boys has fail. He even attend the rally .God will lead and guide my president Dr GEJ . His enemies has fall woefully

  20. GEJ is nt workin,is nt doin d ryt thing @ d ryt tym,he visited bomb blast scene d next day he went 2 rally 2 dance even complainin dat d money meant 4 campaig. was embezzle while scores has just been murder $their family were in sorow$ tears of agony,u pple gv’n hm support pretending as if wot he dd is d ryt thn 4 an elected president lyk hm,wot he dd was’nt d first tym he his doin it when smtn terrible lyk dat hapen in borno when scores of school children was killed imagine mr GEJ stl walk all his way 2 ilorin all in d name of unity rally,3rd day after ds abuja incident he now call on security meetin wt all d state governor’s whc latter d meetin was cancel 2 d APC governor’s $was held by PDP,labour$apga governors b4 pdP spokesman olisah metuh,presidential spokesman reno omokri,doyin okupe cums out wt cheap blackmail dat d APC governors boycotted d meeting jst 2 gv dem bad names