Jonathan Must Get Second Term, Afterall He Didn’t Kill Yar’Adua, Says Tukur

jonathan-and-tukur-360x22522222Immediate past national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur on Tuesday declared that those opposed to President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term ambition will not succeed, insisting that the president must get to his ‘destination’.

Tukur, whose tenure at the helm of the affairs of the ruling party was plagued by intense internal wrangling that culminated in the defection of five PDP governors to the opposition party, All Progressives Congress, APC, spoke while receiving a group of youths under the aegis of Niger Delta PDP Youth Movement, who paid him a visit at his Wuse residence in Abuja.

According to Tukur, Nigerians needed Jonathan beyond 2015 for continuity and stability.

His words: “You can’t change a captain of ship at the middle of sea and, therefore, Jonathan must get to the destination.

“We must support Jonathan.  It is not Jonathan that killed Umaru, late President Umaru Yar’Adua.   No, no, no, no. It is God. In our constitution, when there is no president, the vice president takes over.

“God shows, and understand that it is God that gives power. So, He shows you. Even though you decide to give power, He will show you who He wants to give that power and the type he wants.

“So, the idea is to follow. To follow and continue encouraging what God has showed us so that he can be motivated, he can be assisted to continue doing what we want, which he is doing on our behalf. That is the most important”, he said.

Tukur, who was appointed as Chairman of the Nigeria Railway Corporation, NRC, following his resignation as PDP national chairman earlier this year, added that Jonathan had the constitutional right to seek re-election for a second term in office for continuity, adding that “we need stability for national growth”.

On insecurity in some parts of the country, Tukur, while proffering solutions to the menace of insurgency, advocated the use of dialogue and diplomacy in dealing with the prevailing situation.


  1. Hahaha,I suspect something fishy in the above statement…That is if at all what i just read came directly from the Mouth Of Bamanga Tukur,or otherwise the reversed is the case…And some people while talking,they talk as if they are not Muslims,Even if you want someone to become something will you talk as if the life and death,success,people’s choice and leadership is in your hands.That is a sign of Mental Disorder for that matter.How sure are you that you yourself can see tomorow? Why are you talking as if Nigeria Govenrment lies in your Palm? I am not against Mr President,all that i am saying is that Nigeria as it is today wants a true leader,not someone who is bias,tribalic,money monger,fueling corruption and giving room for the corrupt ones to have an identity card,as corrupt leaders,spoilling the good children of tomorow…..Later please weigh whatever you want to say to the public especially issues like this….