Satanic Murder: My Experience At The Church Of Satan – Criminologist

Forensic criminologist and security co-ordinator at the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Dr. Lionel Von Frederck Rawlins explains his experience at the church of satan, while on the book he wrote on the subject.

He said the book was the thesis for his master’s degree in criminology.

“I was fascinated by cultism and Satanism, witchcraft, voodoo, juju and how they used to kill people,” Rawlins said, explaining further; “They never called it satanic murder. The Press would call it satanic murder but the court of law would not because there is no such thing in law. The court does not have any law that says it is a satanic, cult or juju murder.

“I was fascinated by how these people would commit murder and keep it secret and no one knows and they get away with it. So in doing that, I had to go interview witches in the US, it’s a legitimate religion so they don’t mind telling people they are witches protected by the constitution. They go to the church of Satan and they are proud of it. I had to go the Church of Satan.

Asked what they do at the church of Satan, Rawlins replied; “They didn’t do anything weird in front of me.

“To get in there, I had to apply and they interviewed me. You can’t just walk in because they don’t know who you are or what you want.

“After a couple of months of trying to get in, they finally let me. They worship like everyone else but instead of singing praises to God, they sing praises to Satan and the cross is turned upside down.

“The singing was dark and evil but I wanted to interview many of them to see what actually they were about.

“The fact is, there are satanists, witches, juju, voodoo etc. They are all there. Many of them are fraudsters though. They defraud people out of their money but I would not tell people to be afraid to go out and do things because you are not going to find a bunch of people all around the world trying to kill you because Satan told them to,” he said.



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