Boko Haram Is Misguided, They Should Change Their Ways And Learn The Truth – Saudi Top Cleric

Terror sect Boko Haram has been described by Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti as a group “set up to smear the image of Islam” in the modern world.



Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh blasted the group, saying it’s wish to establish a “pure” islamic state in the Nigeria is “misguided” and they should change their way and learn the truth.

He said this as Muslims around the world stood up to denounce the recent statement by Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram Leader) , Shekau had said that Allah had spoke to him and told him sell off the kidnapped girls.

The grand Mufti said: “This is a group that has been set up to smear the image of Islam and must be offered advice, shown their wrong path and be made to reject it,”.

“These groups are not on the right path because Islam is against kidnapping, killing and aggression,” he said. “Marrying kidnapped girls is not permitted.”

Not only the grand mufti but also the Islamic scholars and human rights officials of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the world’s largest Muslim body representing 57 countries described the kidnappings as “a gross misinterpretation of Islam”.

The grand mufti is the top religious authority in the birthplace of Islam.

Source: The Nation


  1. Alhamdulilah! Finally d muslims authorities r condemnin dis inhuman beings cals Bh,dnt kno d kind of qur’an dey read,cos in islam,women nd girls r left unhurt durin wars

  2. why has it taken u p’ple more dan 4 yrs to talk. d man (shekau) used islam as his back bone yet u did nt reject or condemn him jst to start talking wen thousands have died. if it is anti islam then d islamic leaders should nt only talk, they should stand n fight!

  3. @ Aminu ahmed, Islam teaches that which BOKO HARAM is doing. Can you explain why Islam is ravaging the whole world with terror.what Saudi cleric is doing is eye service. Are you trying to say that jihad is not in the quran that you read? Your clerics are speaking now bcos there is fear that the world might pounce on muslims if care is not taking.the mandate which muslims accross the globe gave to BOKO HARAM and other arms group is to carry out jihad on slow and steady level but it seems they are employing speed and steady which is now raising suspicion.

  4. any muslem who condems
    boko haram is a hypocrite. when
    there was agitation and
    implementation of sharia in the
    north and nigeria what was
    your position. now u are
    condeming him. all of u will
    have to complete what u
    started . this is the real and
    raw campaign for sharia , the
    true face of islam is emerging .
    where is sani yerima and his
    comrade , your brave shakau
    needs u to complete his
    mission. bloody religion . spare
    me that “islam preach peace
    slogan”, and let the acts of
    islam speak for itself.

  5. Where was OBJ when all this sharia laws and other scrupulous scandals committed during his regime? Did nothing and allowed it to escalate to this point. He dares to open his mouth to criticize GEJ regime, no be his fault.

  6. Mand hw u talk dis is not a fight btwen muslim n christan so wot d shaik is sayin is wot is in islam guide as muslim wil never suport evil, althoug al dis started wen christan hv been a curupted mechine to d hole world wot we wnt is solution to wot is happenin maind hw u talk to islamic religion.


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