Ice Prince Is Angry Over Jos Bombing, ‘Attacks’ President Jonathan

Ice Prince releases new single

Nigerian musician, Ice Prince Zamani has seriously expressed his displeasure with President Jonathan over the recent Boko Haram bombings especially the one involving his place of birth, Jos. Twin explosions occured in the city of Jos on May 20, Tuesday, and

claimed at least 118 lives with the number of casualties growing. The singer soon after the bombing took to his social media pages to express his sorrow.

Ice Prince urges people to pray for Jos

He came up with the phrase “If I pray, heaven go hear…” adding the red-colored hashtag #prayforjos .

The same day Plateau State-born musician addressed President Goodluck Jonathan (in the informal way) on Twitter asking him what is going on in Nigeria.

Read His Tweet Below:

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Goodluck Jonathan!! What da fuck is up?? We’ve been glued to the news since this shit started.. Now there’s bomb in my city!! Wtf is up? :-(

4:49 PM – 20 May 2014
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  1. I expected you to concentrate on how to grow a better sense of music and assist the security agencies on where to get rid of your guys bombing ,kidnapping and destroying the peace of this loving Nation{my country Nigeria}. And stop frustrating the efforts of Jonathan administration attempting to make the country ungovernable.

  2. Thanks to you emmanuel. Iceprince you should be asking your arewa elders what the fuck is up. I least expected this from you man. Use your fucking head please and don’t be so sentimental about this. People have been dying. Didn’t you hear of the Chibok and Nyanya incidents? Or is it because it happened in jos you now think you have the right to use a dirty language on the president? when northerners have been killing theirselves in religious crisis long before President Goodluck Jonathan went into Asorock. Man. The fucking question should be ” Arewa fucking Elders what the fuck is up?”

  3. Emanuel, gaskiya u b mumu, if u dnt speak against dem u tag us 1 of dem, if u do or proper ur solutions, u start insultin us tellin us to talk to ur brothers..r they nt ur brodas as nigeria?..shege wawa kawai #onenigeria dan uban inyamiri (iyamiri a.k.a igbo chop em fada)…off to work

  4. Emmanuel wah da fuck are you saying? So you now mean Ice prince’s guys are behind the terrorism, please if you don’t know what is happening kindly shut up! Coz it didn’t affect you that’s why you have the hands to type and post shit.

  5. Haba Ice prince! For us to be in a freedom of speech world doesn’t mean you should talk rudely like that to your own president, a man who is old enough to be your father. You didn’t even add President to his name as a sign of respect, that is too bad man, i didn’t expect that from you. Have you ever opened your mouth and ask your own father what the fuck is up? Anyway, is not your fault, GEJ is very gentle man that is why many top Nigerians takes him as a piece of rag.

  6. Our President has been insulted too much, can this be done to the US President? How on earth will GEJ know d next place of target, is he a spirit or should he be patrolling every place with a gun in his hand ensuring BH does not strike again, we should love our own President & pray 4him, long live Dr GEJ

  7. istead of u 2 pray 4 ur country and 4 BH people and their sponsors 2 change their mentality u ‘re there portioning blams 2 His excellency GEJ,well u people ‘ve been blaming him ‘cos he is gentle man and am sure u can’t govern ur own family effectively let alone when there is pressure. God please help our country,listen 2 d cry of Ur children. Tank U Jesus ‘cos am sure U will definitely see us tru and BH will be a forgotten issue and Ur name will be praised. Amen.

  8. Aboki ice wht f***k is up mumu see how u ar talking to his excellency stupid hausa boy can u say such to ur fada? It is better for u to go talk ur brodas than saying rubbish with that ur dirty mouth fool

  9. Dear Boko haram pls slow down bcox it we d poor nd ordinary Nigerians who hadly eat ar failing ur victims. Wen u ar ready 2 attack d rich especially d once that hav goten dia wealth true politics, nd hav place us in dis mess ,that is wen d ordinary Nigerian we welcome ur tactics. Cos al we nid is CHANGE.

  10. I expected more from ice prince, my opinion of him just fell through the floor. So what is he trying to say, that Jos does not have a governor to be held accountable? Or state security personnel whose job it is to ‘protect the fucking state’?. Hell the nigerian airforce has their main base in Jos, yet somehow in a display of what can only be interpreted as arrogant stupidity brought on by political naivety and plain irresponsibility, he skipped all these and went straight to attacking the president?
    Ice prince just who the fuck do you think you are to open your mouth and insult our president, what can you say that you have done for the nation that is even 0.00001% of what Goodluck jonathan has done? Get real you ignorant twat

  11. By d way,who is ice prince to take advantage of d freedom of speech to insult our president?is he all-right mentally?is our president God who is everywhere?is he d cause of d bombing?is president Jonathan d founder and funder of dis shit? Or is he d one dat trained dis boko boys to carry out dis shit more than 10yrs ago? oh!,bcos u sing ur nonsense u tink u can talk to our president anyhow rite?why do u sound like u tink exactly like dis people doing dis harm on nigerians?did we hear ur “**wtf**”before d Jos bombing?Idiot I tink u are fucked d most!shut ur ignorant mouth and pray for Nigeria,kk.u tink u sing some useless songs dat pple dnt even listen to,u tink u are knwn or have a voice now abi?ur saving grace is dat we can’t lay hands on u as at dis comment.idiot!

  12. @Austin u r asking if America could be insulted like dis! Am asking u wen USA insulted Nigeria by their calculated prediction, what did Goodluck do? Or do u also think Nigeria could say d same to America and we go free? The Jonathan has sold Nigeria to the Neocolonialist (US) and as the President of the country, he is in charge so he should be blamed (that is leadership).
    Secondly @Ice prince, from ur #Prayforjos, I am compelled to ask you that are u only concerned about the jos killing? What about other parts where this killings has been going on.
    We must start doing things right!!!