Marriage – 5 Kinds Of Home Wreckers You Should Avoid!

article-20131235213152147721000We need more friends who see the value in staying true to the promise made in this specific commitment. Who understand the amount of effort required and who can support us as well as be completely honest with us, especially when we’re wrong. On the flip side, there are people we need to avoid as often as possible. Too much time spent with these types of people will have an unhealthy impact on our relationships. Below are 5 bad influences married couples must avoid:

1. The Chronic Pessimist

This individual never has anything positive to say about love or marriage. They expect the worse and may have experienced great heartbreak which makes it difficult for them to really believe in love. While they may not really mean you any harm, their story isn’t representative of all love stories. Yours can and should be different. The best way to handle this individual is to shower them with positive stories of love and romance. It will either send them running in the opposite direction or help to change their dim outlook.

2. The unhappily married

Maybe they married the wrong person or somehow lost interest in their spouse, whatever the issue, this individual is another to monitor. People who are unhappy complain and want to fill our heads with worry and doubt. We must remember our marriage is unique, it isn’t like anyone elses in the world. Just because you’re best friend’s husband cheated isn’t a sign that yours will do the same. Keep your mind focused on the love and joy you’d like to create in your home.

3. The All Night Party Girl/Guy

Yes, they do know how to have a good time, but sometimes this individual demonstrates little respect for marriage. Married folks should definitely maintain friendships, and continue to enjoy time out with friends, but respecting our spouse is the #1 priority. Allowing the sun to beat you home is considered disrespectful in most marriages. We must ensure we have a clear understanding with our spouse about what is acceptable. .

4. The Envious One

f there is someone in your circle who has ill will toward you or who might be showing signs of envy, separate yourself. There should be no place in your circle of friends for one who does not desire the absolute best for you and your marriage.

5. The Gossip Queen or King

Beware of them, run!



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