My Comment On Kidnapped Girls ‘Misunderstood’, Says Kema Chikwe

kema-chikwe1-612x300The National Woman Leader of Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Kema Chikwe, has said her comment on the abducted female students were ‘misunderstood’.

Information Nigeria reports that at a prayer session for Nigeria at the PDP national headquarters in Abuja, the ex-Aviation Minister had expressed doubts on the kidnap of over 250 girls from the Government Secondary School, Chibok, in Borno State, saying the names and photographs of the girls should have been released by now.

“How did it happen? Who saw it happen? Who did not see it happen? Who is behind this?” she was quoted as saying.

The statement has already attracted the ire of the Borno State Government, which warned her against compounding the pains of the parents of the abducted girls.

Ms. Chikwe, however, said in a statement she signed on Thursday that she was misunderstood and her intention was not to doubt the kidnap.

Read her full statement below:

My Official Position On The PDP Women’s Prayer Session – Kema Chikwe

My attention has been drawn to reports in some section of the media regarding my speech at the occasion of PDP Women’s Prayer Session organised on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 to among others things, seek divine intervention for the release of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls.

As a mother, I have remained heartbroken and deeply pained by the unfortunate incident. My heart and thoughts have continued to go out to these girls and their families, hence my decision to mobilise other women to pray for them.

Our prayer points included prayers for security in Nigeria, prayers for the quick recovery of the victims of the Nyanya bomb blast and consolation prayers for families of the dead, prayers for the release of the abducted Chibok school girls in Borno State, prayers for all terrorist victims in Nigeria, and prayers for Nigerian Women and Children amongst other prayer points.

Christian and Muslim religious leaders led these prayers.

However, it has come to my attention that part of my speech at the prayer session especially the questions I raised concerning the circumstances surrounding the abduction of these innocent girls was largely misunderstood.

Indeed with every sense of responsibility, I wish to reiterate that this is not the time to sensationalize issues particularly those relating to these innocent girls whose fate we are all deeply worried about.

In this regard, we all must ensure that we are not distracted in anyway whatsoever but collectively focus our energies towards actions that will accelerate the rescue and safe return of these girls to their families, a cause for which I and the PDP family will continue in prayers.

I therefore appeal to all Nigerians, especially the women not to relent but continue to pray along with me especially as we have been reassured that the Government and the security agencies are doing their best to ensure the rescue of our daughters.

Amb. Dr. Kema Chikwe
PDP National Woman Leader.



  1. We all make mistakes,don‘t we?Mr Martins,pls don‘t say that again,we are human beings,aren‘t we?As a human being you must make mistakes per time,don‘t just say what you‘ve said,it‘s not good at all,must especially in this trying time,may the ALMIGHTY expose all these monsters,may HE burn them all in hell fire,let‘s keep praying,someday everything will be alright.

  2. @lex if u talk like dat then ur not educated and don’t understand english @all. In her statement she asked why has d pictures of these girls not released 2 d public 2 see, why have their names not been released, hw come nobody saw these men where they came from and where they went into. So my dear dat shld be d rite quetions to ask cos u cannot jst go into d bush and start looking for what u have no info abt. These gals might pass u by without u knwing them but if u hav pix of dem mayb u could recognise any 1 of dem and call 4 d rite authorities. Try to understand d simple english b4 u start makin silly comments. Secondly politicians especially APC use every little oppurtuinities dey see to run their dirty mouth against PDP or mr President but ask urselfs dis is d issue of security in dis country dat of PDP and mr presido alone? Everybody has a role my ppl and until we assume our various role then tins would move forward 4 us.