Sola Kosoko On Being Jide Kosoko’s Daughter: ‘My Father’s name has opened a lot of doors for me..

Veteran/Versatile Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko’s daughter, Sola, who is also an actress had a recent chat with Punch. She talked about her father extensively.
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How was growing up with your father like?
My growing up was fun. It was real fun. My father was always going on locations because he had been acting before I was born. But anytime he was around, we were always happy because we knew he would lavish us with gifts and pamper us. He made sure we enjoyed ourselves. He usually took us to Amusement Park and Domino Stores in Lagos.


Did your father influence your interest in acting?
Yes, my father influenced my interest in acting. He asked me to feature in one of his movies titled Olorire in 2001, though I had been acting with him since 1999. I was initially unhappy that he asked me to act in his film because, then, I was more interested in gaining admission into a university. But he advised me that acting would not affect my education and that education also should not affect my interest in acting. I reluctantly accepted and that was the movie that shot me into limelight.
How do you feel acting with your father?
I have been acting with him since I was young. The only time I fidget on set is when I am not getting a particular role well or when I am being corrected two or three times. But apart from that, whenever I am on set with him, I feel happy. He is my father and I used to live with him. It is always a great experience acting with him. I am close to him and each time I am with him on set, I feel I am acting with just another actor and not my father.
What kind of man is he?
He is a very simple and straightforward person.  Many people in the entertainment industry know that he is a man who does not hide his feelings when someone offends him. He likes playing games on his laptop. In fact, when you see him concentrating on his laptop you will think he is very busy with some documents. But when you move closer, you will discover that he is playing games.  He also does same on his phones.
What ideals did you learn from him?
I have learnt a lot from him. He knows a lot about the profession. Before I started professional acting, we used to do many things together that were acting related. Whenever we were casting, he would ask us to suggest names and tell us why a certain person could not act a particular role. He would give reasons why he preferred another person to play such role. I am a producer and whenever I am casting, I always use the ideas I have learnt from him. His simplicity amazes me. I have learnt from him to be humble always. He takes life easy. For instance, if I am working on something and it is giving me a tough time, I will abandon it to concentrate on other things. When I was doing the production of one of my films, we could not shoot because one of our cast disappointed us and it also rained heavily. It nearly took two days but when my cast and crew saw the way the rest of us were playing with my father; they relaxed. I felt I should not stress myself because of the situation. I relaxed because I saw the way my father was playing and chatting. That is the same way he handles his job too. He does not take it as a do-or-die thing.
How sociable is he?
My father is very sociable. He attends parties. In the entertainment, we are like one big family. One does not need to know the other before honouring the latter’s invitation to an event. He always attends social events of his colleagues or younger artists except he is not available.
How close are you to him?
We are very close. We are so close to the extent that I tell him things one will not expect a daughter to tell her father. We discuss intimately. In my career as an actress for instance, if I am planning any production, he will be informed ahead of time. He will know the day I am starting and when I will be ending it. I have lost my mother. It is him I have and I cannot hide anything from him. Even now when I am married, I still confide in him.
Is there any challenge being the daughter of a popular actor? 
Yes, there is the challenge of having to comport oneself properly at all times. I also have to always remember the daughter of who I am. He always tells his children to behave well. He advises us to always do things that will promote the name he has been building for many years. I always try to stay within limit and behave well at all times. It is not easy because of the profession I am in but I strive to be the best I can be all the time.
Did he ever visit you when you were in the university?
Yes, he did but he did not tell me he was coming the day he visited. It was on a Sunday and I was in church. He went to my hostel and my neighbours told him I went to church. He asked for the location of my church and came there to look for me. When he arrived, they knew who he was looking for and the ushers came to call me. He told me he was coming from a trip and felt he should see me.
Has your father’s name attracted favours to you?
Yes, I have received many favours because of who my father is. His name has opened a lot of doors for me. There are some places I get to that after introducing myself,some people will ask me if I am related to Jide Kosoko. If know that I need my father’s name in such a place, I will not hesitate to quickly say he is my father. I may not even be recognised as an actress but upon mentioning his name, I will be well attended to. The old and young generation of actors and actresses respect him. Even when I want to quietly do what I intend to do, the attention and support I get when they know I am Jide Kosoko’s daughter often surprises me.
How did he discipline any child who erred?
My father does not know how to discipline a child. The best he does is to handle any child who misbehaves over to someone who can discipline such a child. When we were young, he would hand us over to our uncles whenever we did something wrong. Each time they came on a visit, he would use the opportunity to tell them that we misbehaved. He does not like spanking his children. He has a soft spot for children. I cannot remember the day he beat me. But he likes talking to any erring child. He would sit us down as children and tell us what we should do and what we should not do. At times, he would preach and pray or ask one of us to preach before going to sleep.
Did you enjoy preferential treatment from your lecturers and colleagues by virtue of who your dad is?
I am always myself anywhere I am. I don’t put up the attitude of ‘I am JideKosoko’s daughter’ anywhere I go. Even when I became an actress, I remain humble as I am. When I was in the university, I did not take advantage of the fact that I am an actress or my father is a popular actor. I did what other students were required to do normally and did not influence anything. I never thought then that I should seek preferential treatment because I was already a known actress.
What are the values your father cherishes?
Like I said earlier, he is a very simple man. His humility is great. Sometimes, he would want to take a bike from one place to the other and we would remind him that he could not do so because of his status. He would be wondering why he could not do so. But that is what stardom has done to him. He is somebody that likes doing things in a simple way.
How does he maintain peace with his wives?
The children are not always aware of disagreement between him and his wives. They settle that in the bedroom. My father is very mature. He knows how to ensure peace in his house. There has been no tough misunderstanding in his house except for minor disagreements noticeable among mature couples.
How do you feel being his daughter?
I feel honoured by God. I feel really good. I thank God for putting me in such a family. I know that a lot of people would want to be in my position and I thank God for giving me such a family.
How does he relax?
He likes relaxing by watching English or Yoruba movies.
What is his best food?
He likes white rice and croaker fish.
What are his favourite sports?
I am not sure he has any liking for any sports but when we were young, he used to engage in relay races with us in our compound. I think it was because of his affection for children that made him run with us in those days.
How does he like to dress?
My father likes English and native attire. He buys a lot them. He gives many out too and that is why each time he gives some out, he buys more to replace them.
What is his favourite drink?
He likes water. It is not that he does not drink at all but it is in moderation.
What is his schedule like?
He is extremely busy, always attending to one thing or the other