Brother of Sudanese woman says she should be executed if she refuses to convert


Some of you might not know this, but the Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim being held in prison and sentenced to death for abandoning her for Islamic faith for Christianity, was actually turned in to the authorities by her own family members.

Her older brother (pictured above) spoke with CNN today and said if she refuses to convert back to Islam, she should be executed. The things written on the photos are his exact words. See more after the cut…

When the CNN reporter said, “but this is your own sister..your sister”, he replied “But why would I indulge my humanity…etc!” below…



  1. Islam and it’s contradictions. Your Allah says Kill muslims who convert to christianity, Allah also says Kill all non-believers (muslims). Jst who is dis Allah? He must be one blood thirsty son of a bitch. Definitely not d same as d one I serve, the one I serve teaches me to forgive those who wrong me, the God I serve says I shd pray for all non-believers and love them as I love myself. Now that is a real GOD. Only a demon kills his own creation. Allah must be a Demon.

  2. I think so called Islam beleiver need yoruba islamic scolar to deliver them and deliver the whole world for lack of knowledge.The truth of the matter is that are they studing there quran?if yes did they understand it.In my own opinion it only south west of Nigeria(YORUBA) that understand what islam his.In a family you will found muslim $ christian without wahala everybody leave in love.Let all muslism country learn from yoruba,what islam is all about.


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