I May Not Go Back To The Senate In 2015 Unless… – Tinubu

Oluremi-Tinubu1Former Lagos State first lady now Senator representing Lagos Central in the Senate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu, has described happenings in the country as sickening, warning that unless some proactive decisions are taken in 2015, the situation may get worse than it already is.

Senator Tinubu, who made the assertion on Sunday at a press briefing to mark her third anniversary in the Red Chamber, stated in very clear terms that, “Nigerians must wake up and prepare a solid future and sound legacy for our children”.

In her address entitled: “Making a mark: Three years of people-focussed representation”, the senator, after taking a critical look at the state of the nation, declared that, “the whole thing is sickening”, regretting that the direction the current leadership of the country was going called for an urgent surgical operation.

Citing instances, Mrs. Tinubu criticised the calibre of ministers President Goodluck Jonathan was foisting on the nation especially from Osun and Lagos states, reasoning that “Nigerians should make wise decisions in 2015 by voting in the APC at the centre”.

According to her, the need for a broader, inclusive and cohesive platform nationwide led to the formation of the APC, adding that, “since then, our collective quest for genuine change and development has continued to gather impetus across the length and breadth of Nigeria”.

When asked to comment on her 2015 ambition, Senator Tinubu disclosed that “activities in the Senate are depressing as issues are unnecessarily being manipulated”, saying, “I may not want to go back to the Senate unless I am sure the APC is going to be in the majority”.

She seized the opportunity to render account of her stewardship in the Senate in the last three years, saying her empowerment programmes were in line with the manifesto of her party, the APC.


  1. The issue is with you people that want to turn Lagos State and Nigeria to family affair and not Jonathan nor the ministers that he appoint from Lagos or Ogun State. What have you done for the people that you are representing.

    • she is right. The senate controlled by PDP is not interested in the welfare of the masses but how to share jonathan and diezanis loot. They are not playig their role in checking the executive but corrupt appendages. They do so by betting a slice of all federal contracts in exchange for rubber stamping whatever the presidency does and looking the other way as long as they are settled. Jonathan is a Bad omen for nigeria and the earlier we rid this nation of him, we will no longer have a country we can call our own.

  2. It is not suprising if Mrs tinubu should come out and start critizing people in PDP. For your information PDP isn’t family property, isn’t for husband, wife and children. It is for every reasonable and sensible nigerians