Ebola: Australia Warns Citizens To Stay Away From Nigeria, Liberia, Others

Australia has warned its citizens to steer clear of parts of West Africa as the deadly Ebola virus claims more victims.

Nearly 700 people have died in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia since March in what has been described as the most serious recorded outbreak yet of the virus.

One Liberian has also died in Nigeria, raising fears the disease could spread further across the region. Nigeria had since set up disease isolation centres at its international airports.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is urging Australians to avoid areas affected by the virus and be aware they could run into trouble if they venture into the region.

“Australians are also advised that borders in the region may be closed at short notice to contain the outbreak,” the department said in its travel bulletin.

Those in the region should closely monitor local health advice and maintain strict standards of hygiene.

Victims of the virus, or those suffering symptoms, should be avoided at all costs.

Ebola has a 90 percent fatality rate and can quickly kill once contracted. There is no known vaccine or cure.

Symptoms include high fever and weakness followed by external and internal bleeding.
Any traveller to the region showing these signs before or after visiting should seek medical attention.