Security Operatives Nab Boko Haram Impersonator In Abuja

Lawrence-UgwuSecurity Forces operating in the nation’s capital have nabbed a man, who specializes in creating panic by sending out text messages threatening attack by Boko Haram insurgents.

The suspect, Ugwu Lawrence, who was tracked by security operatives after dispatching text messages of impending bombings of some hotels in Abuja, confessed to the crime.

According to him, he resorted to the gimmick when the management of one of the organisations failed to offer him employment.

The suspect further confessed that his motive was a ploy to instil fear in the mind of the management’s chairman, and pleaded that he is actually not a terrorist.

The suspect is currently undergoing further interrogation preparatory to prosecution in court.


  • Na wa o, so who is a terrorist? This man was caught in the act but because his name is Ugwu Lawrence, he is not a terrorist, even though he terrorise people.

  • Ur right @Abubakar cox if his name were Aminu Ahmed, he would have been labelled terrorist and boko haramist jst bcox he is a muslim from the North. Government of psychos.

  • i dont know why muslims dosn’t have right and freedom in this country, but my question is that who is the president of nigeria is it goodluck jonathern or can president?

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