The Most Epic Wedding Proposals In Nigeria

Sometimes wedding proposals can be extremely cute and sometimes they are just too weird… 

 1. Nigerian guy proposed to his girlfriend after 16 years of dating.


They started dating in high-school. Like any relationship, especially one started so young, they went through some troubles but God always brought them back together stronger and closer than before. The couple lives in Atlanta USA. The proposal was made on the Atlanta Skyview.

2. Man Proposed To Girlfriend Using Police In Port Harcourt Rivers State


A guy used a police stop to make propose to his cute girlfriend in Port Harcourt. The man identified had earlier arranged for a stop and search on the road as he and his girlfriend were going to the restaurant. While the police were harassing the him, his girl was very upset, he asked her to look up to the billboard displaying her photos. Family and friends of the couple from Lagos emerged and a table was setup outside the restaurant, he went down on one knee, a 5-man orchestra played and the proposal was made.

 3. Twitter Proposal

Richards Ugochukwu proposed to his Twitter beau, Oma Ezeagwu in a strange way.

The couple met on Twitter in October 2012. The man chose to pop the question in a unique way and he got a reply “yes”  from the beautiful lady.

4. Italian Couple Wed According to Igbo Tradition


While some Nigerian couples are dreaming about weddings in New York or Dubai, an Italian couple decided to have traditional Igbo wedding. Kevin Prattico and Carmola Guardsch, chose to celebrate it in the community of Umuduruzo, Amaigbo in Imo state, Nigeria. They decided to have their wedding in the Igbo community because of their love for African culture.

5. Mall proposal


A creative Nigerian guy made a proposal to his girlfriend in Ikeja shopping mall in Lagos. May be to be surrounded by dozens of shoppers is not extremely good idea, but girl said “yes”.

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