N-Delta Will Continue Pressing For Increase In 13% Derivation – Uduaghan

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, weekend, said the Niger Delta region will not give up its demand for increase in the 13 percent derivation to oil states despite the stand-off at the just concluded national conference.

“We shall not give up asking for more for this region. Let me appeal to our brothers outside the Niger Delta that what we have presently is not near enough to address the challenges of development we have in the region,” said Uduaghuan, Uduaghan, who spoke while hosting a delegation of Urhobo leaders, who came to thank him for his role in the appointment of Dr. Stephen Oru as the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs.

According to him, those opposed to their demand do not understand the developmental challenges of the region, which the current 13 percent derivation could not address.

As the general elections draw nigh, the governor appealed to politicians and political office holders in the state to eschew the attitude of grumbling but seek the interest of the state above personal interest.

“There are a lot of us who are always grumbling, sometimes we need to draw a line and first think of the system, what is in the interest of the state before our personal interest.

“There are people who will say if I don’t get it, then I must destroy it. We are even seeing them on the field again for 2015; lots of them are in the race now for 2015. So, if God says it is not you, don’t destroy it, try to see how you can help to build,” Uduaghan said.

He commended the delegation for coming to appreciate him for his contribution and support towards the appointment of the minister, saying: “Yes, I played my part, but I believe that this appointment was given to Dr. Oru by God and God should take the credit.

“God used the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to listen to the cry of the Urhobo people, the cry of Delta people and cry of those who believe in loyalty, steadfastness and those who believe in remaining where they should be even if it has not happened. And that is why we were able to get this appointment,” he said.