Nollywood Actor,”DAMOLA OLATUNJI” Impregnates Actress, BUKOLA AWOYEMI

Buxomy actress, Bukky Awoyemi, popularly known as ‘Arugba’ is pregnant for married actor, Damola Olatunji. Bukola who hit fame on account of her role in Tunde Kelani’s blockbuster movie, Arugba, has since gone off radar as friends claimed she is undergoing a nine-month course of pregnancy.

It should be recalled that Damola, who is famous for his roles in Yoruba movies got married to UK-based Raliat at the Ikoyi Registry in April 2013, while he had his Bachelor’s Eve at the Troy Lounge, Lekki, Lagos.

Meanwhile, not much has been known about Awoyemi’s romantic liaisons before now. Meanwhile, sources claimed her new status has created chaos in the home of Olatunji whose wife has been helpless and unable to handle the situation such that very few insiders in the know within the industry discuss the matter in hush tones.

Sources close to Damola Olatunji hinted the actor may be settling for a new life with Bukola whom he confided in some of his colleagues is a lady after his heart. Recently, he gave his wife the option to live with it or opt out of the marriage, our source hinted. The absence of his wife, the sources said is not unconnected with the illicit romance that led to the pregnancy. Sources claimed the romance thickened when Bukola played the lead role in Damola’s latest movie production, IpinL’ese shot sometime in May.

In an enquiry, sent to Damola the sms below: “Hello Damola, I will be glad to have your response to the story that your dalliance with Bukola Awoyemi better known as Arugba has resulted into pregnancy?

In his response which came about five hours after several unanswered calls, he said: “Bukola is not pregnant for me. I don’t know where that news could have come from. It’s been two months I set my eyes on her at The Movie Ambassador (TMA) meeting. I don’t know if she is pregnant. She had only acted as a lead in my movie, Ipinl’ese that will be released on Monday.”

When probed further to disclose his wife’s whereabouts, he said: ‘She’s studying in UK and we have issues over her relocation to Nigeria. While all efforts to reach Bukola Awoyemi proved abortive as she ignored all calls and text messages, According to reliable sources she is actually pregnant for Damola and currently lives with him.


  1. Kingsley, he knows what he is getting in to b4 putting his head into it. Do not try to justify him but it is not a surprise to me. you are a man; you could do it too. Damola oni ite lo run ni…every work Rali had done in the UK had been spent on Damola. For ten years b4 they finally got married. You dont know what this girl had gone thru b4 they even got married; i will spare you further details. This ppl I know! How many of us will go visit our men five to six times yearly ( owo lo po right? ) Na, it is love. He isnt missing her for a minute. Even with distance, the relationship doesn’t feel like it because She’s close to home. I dont think you know what it meant for a young girl to live abroad as a full time student and worker; kingsley. I dont know where you live; but take this from me it’s harder from living in 9ja. We’ve got bills to pay every month and living abroad is quiet expensive. Rali spent all her sweat on damola for 10 year, brought him into the industry, that douchebag used to live with his parents: got him a home, a car, everthing and how he could repay it is by telling her make a list of all you have done for me (not even I) he said bukola (the woman thats pregnant for me) will fort back the money. What an Asshole! What goes arount will surely comes back around….Nemesis is Real; Karma is a Bitch!
    Point of correction Damola lives with bukola not way around.

  2. Damola. Aandd Bukky u guys are heartless, Bukky are u dat worst to stick to a married man, n Damola u don’t appreciate what u av when u av it, buh very soon u will, cox what goes around comes around, u dnt act what u preach mtchew

  3. y is it dat u actors nd actresses re found wanting in d characters u play or movies u act in movies dat re surppose 2 educate couples bt @ d end of d day we hear d same story of countless divorces btwn actor nd dere wives,actresses nd dere husbands is it dat u dont think i taught ure meant 2 educate people but y do u always misbehave pls think well before u take part in any movie cos am beginin 2 hate yoruba movies

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  5. Men has ego problem, they ar usually comfortable when the woman is poor, pitiable and dependent. It makes them feel like the man. They feel intimidated with comfortable women that they can push around. But is not fair.

  6. Please never condemn anybody’s act,but find out the truth behind it.Then pray for them.Nobody wants to get it wrong.People took some decision irrationally which later boomerang.And anybody can fall into this trap.Therefore beware and pray alone for this people involved in this issue.That is my concise submission.Whosoever wants to throw stone should check himself/herself first.