See Monstrous Armored Tank Nigerian Soldiers Captured From Boko haram

Nigerian troops captured this monstrous T-55 armored tank pictured above and a highly sophisticated Armored Personnel Carrier from Boko Haram members on Friday September 26th as they tried to invade Maiduguri, the Borno state capital through Konduga.

According to reports, the sect members approached Konduga with the tank after seeing that they were losing the gun battle with the troops. Over 100 militants were killed and a few soldiers also lost their lives in the battle that lasted several hours.

The captured armored tank and the Armored Personnel Carrier have been taken to the Malmalari barracks in the state. Soldiers have since expressed shock over the type of weaponry the sect men have. They said this particular tank has camouflage painting that made it blend with the area, making detection from air almost impossible. Some top military officers say this recent weapon capture shows that the sect is being funded by powerful people as well as having foreign links.



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