Seven Reasons Why Jonathan Shouldn’t Be Re-Elected in 2015 – Shehu Sani

Shehu_SaniPresident of the Civil Right Congress (CRC) and senatorial hopeful, Comrade Shehu Sani, yesterday gave seven reasons why President Goodluck Jonathan is not qualified to seek a second term come 2015 general election.

Speaking on a Kaduna radio programme, the civil rights activist said the first reason is Jonathan’s failure to provide security for lives and property of Nigerians.

The second, according to him, is that under the Jonathan administration, about $30 billion has been looted from government coffers. Some African countries he said, can stay for up to 30 – 50 years without realising this kind of money.

“If this money was used for the welfare of the common man, things could have been much better for all of us”, he said.


The third reason he advanced is deterioration of the relationship between the North and South, noting that before the president came into office, it was not as bad.

The fourth reason according to Sani, is the abuse of human rights. Security agencies in Nigeria are now demonstrating high level of impunity, he said. “They kill, torture and abuse the rights of whoever they want, and nobody is raising even an eyebrow”.

He added; “The fifth reason is crude oil theft. From the day Jonathan assumed power till date, Nigeria loses 450 thousand barrels of crude oil and this means that every month Nigeria loses $1.7 billion. The whole of West Africa does not have this type of money”, he said.

“There is the issue of discrimination. When the federal government employs staff now in every sector, including security, you find that at least seven out of ten are from one part of the country”.

The seventh reason he gave is prevalence of poverty in the country. “The World Bank recently released a report that about 75 percent of Nigerians live in abject poverty, where people cannot even feed their families or meet other necessities”, he said.


    • He is indeed one of the supporters and sponsors of Boko Haram. Otherwise, was he not there when his muslim brother IBB took a whooping sum of $21 billion Nigerian money and paid to OIC in 1991 for the purpose of totally islamising Nigeria; the Agenda they are carrying out today. Would he rather blame Jonathan for poverty in the north, when the north had held political leadership of this country for the past 39 years of our existence? His is simply a rabble rouser.

  1. What I can denote so far from d comment that are pertinent to this information is that Nigerians are overwhelmed with nepotism and tribalism. Imagine when we all realise d fact yet we try to conceal our brothers.At this juncture, I forget about my tribe and believe,I’m just a Nigerian seeking a greater revolution

  2. Our tradition taught us that he who cometh to equity must come with clean hands. Our religion says “He who is not guilty of this let him cast the first stone” the problem is that people no longer think before they talk because the are so obsessed with desire to be seen of others. Bible said “…and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” the reverse is also true. So please let us just be careful in this deception because what ever go round comes round


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