ACF Expects Power To Shift To The North

Leader of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Ibrahim Ahmadu Coomassie, says there is the possibility of power shifting to the North in 2015.

According to Coomassie, who is also a former Inspector General of Police (IGP) the agitation for power shift to the north by the ACF is realizable, provided election can be free and fair.

Answering questions from newsmen in Katsina, Coomassie if people are allowed to freely choose who they want, power will shift from the South back to the North.

“… the important thing is that people should be allowed to cast their votes and let their votes count. There should be no changing of results to favour another candidate. let officials allow voting to take place as is done in civilized countries. If it is done, then we know the results will be credible and acceptable”.

Although there seems to be discord in several parts of the North, but their different voices notwithstanding, power may go to the North, he said.

“The North has always appeared to be in disarray but it is not. When the time comes, things will sort themselves out and the correct thing will be done. Democracy allows people to express their views but, eventually, the majority will carry the day”, the ACF boss said.

“If people want real change, they can always put their heads together. If we present a credible candidate and there is honest, credible and transparent election, the North can still win.”


  1. This is why things are not working in Nigeria! People expecting power to shift here or there in Nigeria! If Nigeria is truly one united country, there shouldn’t be talk, expectation or consideration of power shifting anywhere. When people talk about power shift, it implies that the country is divided. If Nigeria is truly one united country, then we should be talking about the best brains, honest, loyal, determined, educated, strategic thinkers and passionate citizens of Nigeria running the affairs of the country. They should come from all over the country! Power belongs to all Nigerians! It does not belong to the Hausas or the Yorubas or the Ibos or the Fulanis or any tribe in Nigeria. It is the absolute right of all the citizens of Nigeria. That’s how it works in civilisted societies Today the Hausas, tomorrow the Yorubas, a day after tomorrow the Ibos is not what true Nigerians would like to vote for. Nigerians are suppose to vote for the best candidate to be their president! He or she could come from any tribe, any town or village in Nigeria. The overriding criteria is that he or she is a Nigerian! The so-called power shift is what has been ruining Nigeria – people see power as a piece of cake that they must grab and eat greedily and shamelessly as much as they like and pass the leftover to another person who is either from the North or South or East of Nigeria to eat greedily and shamelessly as well. Their concentration and determination is how much they can grab and eat! The terrible news is that the masses are irrelevant in this set-up. Please Nigerians for Nigeria to make significant progress, let’s drop power shift and the thinking behind it. It’s not what we need. Long live Nigeria!!!