Atiku Accuses Jonathan Of Running Government That Favours Only His Cronies

Former vice-president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of running a government of ‘clientelism’, benefiting only his cronies.

Atiku spoke through the Director-General, Atiku Campaign Organisation, Prof. Babalola Borishade at a press conference held at Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, ahead of a two-day Atiku Abubakar policy review summit.

“Clientelism refers to the awarding of personal favours among patrimonial cronies. These favours take the form of public sector jobs, appointments, distribution of resources through licences, contracts and tax wavers,” he said.

“Corruption, nepotism and official impunity have brought our country down to the bottom 3 per cent in the world in terms of political stability.

“In essence, what we have now in Nigeria is a form of patrimonial democracy. This is posing serious threats to the durability of democracy.

“Not only because it erodes civil liberties of citizens, thus creating a culture of political apathy and disenchantment among them, it also severely limits the extent to which Government can be pressed to be responsive and accountable towards the citizens.

“Thus, for both of those who are inside and outside the network, the future is bleak,” he said.

Atiku who is seeking to win the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2015 presidential election, is seen as a threat to Former Head of State Muhammadu Buhari’s ambition by elements within the party, who are said to be working towards choosing Buhari as a consensus candidate in order to bypass party primaries, which Atiku seem sure to win.

The former president said Nigerians need democracy of substance that would respond to their socio-economic demands, something he said he was set to offer, saying that was the aim of the policy review by resource persons.


  1. They are not after us those who lead us. The full their stomach with delicious living us in hunger. Secure them self and their family but we have no security. Steal our country money no any social aminities.
    The no are alot but we have to sit and think before we go up and start the journey to developed the country.

  2. I cannot categorically say that the GEJ administration has done nothing but the negatives are far more than the positives achieved by the administration.
    Considering the kind of funds at the FG’s disposal I don’t think Nigerians should be crying for power, good health and unemployment in the 21st century because the means to do all this are available but our so called leaders lacks the well power to effect positive CHANGE to her citizens.
    Atiku is very correct and we are saying enough is enough, We are ready to embrace the CHANGE Atiku is preaching.
    Nigeria has suffered enough and time for CHANGE is now.
    #ANigeriaForAll. #CHANGE2015!
    Democracy must survive in Nigeria.

  3. Atifku and his fellow thieves in APC thinks it is business as usual where racketering is d order of d day..we now have federal character in place as there is now due process..Nigeria’s frm what it used to d largest in d whole of Africa & d 26th largest in d world. this is good 4 us all as a nation as d presidency’s vision 2020 is still in place & that is to b d 20th largest economy in d world by 2020.

    Leave all those bad belle pple like Atifku who do not meant well 4 this nation. who’ll even bliv all d fabricated lies frm his deceitful mouth.

  4. Atiku Abubakar Boko Haram, Charity begins at home at least. When you were number two citizen of Nigeria, you did a lot by shortchanging Adamawa State Gorvernment by making Borni Haruna your slave governor. You cheated Nigerians and Built a private university in Yola, your state capital. So between you and Jonathan who is better? Atiku the Political harlot and shameless elder statesman, save us your trouble. No true and sincere mind would vote a Boko Haram supporter.