Jonathan Dancing On The Graves Of Potiskum Students Killed In Bomb Blast – Tinubu

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has slammed President Goodluck Jonathan for choosing to go ahead with his declaration to contest election despite the unfortunate death of more than 50 students in Potiskum, Yobe State.

Tinubu, who spoke at a rally in Edo State, to commemorate Governor Adams Oshiomole’s six years in office, said that by declaring to run for re-election on Tuesday, Jonathan danced on the graves of the dead students.

“Jonathan is stepping on the blood of Nigerian children and dancing on their graves by declaring yesterday (Tuesday). A wise President will stay in the villa and declare his intention to run in the memory of those children.

“He said he will not step on the blood of anybody to be re-elected but he is dancing on their blood,” the former governor of Lagos State said.

Speaking further, Tinubu slammed Jonathan for not being able to stop Boko Haram insurgents from encroaching on Nigeria’s territory, as the terrorist continue taking over towns in the north. He said the honourable thing for any president who has been as ineffective as Jonathan was to resign.

“No leadership of any nation will sit idle and watch any part of its own territory being taken away by the so-called insurgents,” he said.

“Mubi is the second largest commercial town in Adamawa state, if it has been taken by the insurgents, then this President should resign. If a military barrack equipped with our weapon to fight the insurgents, the armoury was abandoned and the soldiers fled, leaving the weapons for the insurgents under your watch, and you said you want to run again? No, God forbids! If you refuse to go, we will sweep you away,” he vows.

Tinubu however warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) against collaborating with the PDP to rig the 2015 elections.


  1. Tinubu should just shut his mouth. Pompous so and so. Who does he think he is? A man who talks before he thinks is of dubious quality. That is BAT. Sure you understand?

  2. @Lucky, I duff my cap for your wisdom; if Jonathan should decamp to APC today, they will accept him after raining abuses on him like they did with Amaechi and others. They are all hypocrites.

  3. APC for goodness sake should leave GEJ alone and they should stop bombing and killing innocent citizens in order to get back at president. time will come when you wil give account of the souls you cut short on earth. you should know that death is for everybody whether big or small, is only a matter of time. vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

  4. Bomb dey everyone of una head,na because dem never bomb your family member,u for don curse Jonathan,anyway let’s wait and see how it goes,APC is taking over in 2015,Egbere Jonathan is returning to Otueke and from there,he is going to Kirikiri or The Hagues to face Genocide charges and so shall it be,am expecting your comments you fools.

  5. Idris and saheed, only ur names alone tells it all. This is what they call Enemies of progress. Now he is talking about GEJ 4getting what him and his witch mother did to lagosians b4 devil took her life last year. I don’t know Y ppl carry another ppl,s whala on their head 4getting that they still have stones in their eyes. As for boko haram, my advice to them is that they shld bomb as they like, afterall all of them are the same. They want to stop GEJ for 2015-2019? Never

  6. @lolade saheed shame on u boko haram group, bombing sch on Tuesday will nt stp our presido’s mission Ok? Gej till 2019. Maybe u r d next to bomb ur family in order to stp Gej

  7. It a shame for a weak president like GEJ after what happen to the innocent school studeent in potiskum… And he still go ahead and give us his dirtty declaration speach to run for a second time. There’s God ooo … You are to weak to become our president in 2015…no Vote for you…

  8. @ lolade, can u leads ur family properly talking of ur state, be very careful of all these wolves in sheep clothes, there are the ones u suppose to blame not jonathan. remember that, the delve u know is far far better than angels u known not. copy that.!

  9. Thunder go fire tinubu and all his co pepatrators of bokoharam in Nigeria!! They went nd bomb innocent students inorder 2 stop GEJ 4rm declaration but thunder don already fire una. Any reasonable pson who listen 2 APC rally yesday will be convinced dat they ar behind d bombing. If u like continue bombing all d north,u ar even giving our humble president more edge 2 win massively. Then after d election u will now face d full wrath of law,its a promise. Idiots!!!

  10. Apc pls call ur boko haram boys to order.killing innocent children won’t stop gej..all ur aspirant decleared without any bomb wahala..infact why didn’t osho stop his aniversary bcos of potiskum children..saint tinubu pls return our oil blocks then I will vote for ur blood sucking party

  11. GEJ is highly ineffective, insensitive, too weak, too corrupt and above all, a green snake under d green grass!
    We are tired of his style of governance. Period!

  12. all of u supportin gej here r bush piple. am nt affiliated to pdp or apc but must he com nd publickly declare his ambition wen d nation shud b mourning. so his 2015 ambition is more important dan d lives of innocent sku children and all who r being killed on daily basis. while cnt he declare quitely or look fr anoda tym while we brainstorm on how to tacle dis problem. i’ll still vote fr him cause he is d only manageable candidate ryt now, but he shud learn dat d lives of NIGERIANS r beter dan his ambition. wateva hapen to human sympathy or is it bcause his child was not in dat assembly ground ?

  13. Is it only GEJ dat rules Nigeria. Mr. Tinubu u can equally stop d terrorism in ur country. D fight is not for one person. Busy body like u!


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