‘Men Love My Big Bum Bum’; Says Woman With The World’s Biggest Bum-Bum: 7-Feet Wide | PHOTOS

She admits she has a few practical problems doing every day tasks, including fitting herself through doorways at home and buckling her seatbelt.


Bootylicious Sarah Massey claims to have one the world’s biggest butts – measuring a whopping 7ft wide.

The mum-of-two, from Chicago in America, wears size 10XL trousers and once even cracked a toilet bowl by sitting on it.

Sarah, who at 32 stone gets about £750 disability benefit each month due to limited mobility, even struggles to pass through some doorways.

The 33-year-old said: “Everyday I get some kind of comment thrown at me, both good and bad – I used to be ashamed but now I hold my head high.

“At school I was teased and called Dump Truck Butt by the other kids, but the condition is hereditary – there’s nothing I can do about it.

“I went through a stage of worrying what people think, but now I want to show the world I am proud to be me.”

Now Sarah is so proud of her unique physique she even takes part in sexy photo shoots for fans of her figure.

But while Sarah is comfortable with her dimensions, filling her wardrobe is expensive.

She said: “Because of my size I can’t ever find outfits in normal stores. My top half is a 7XL and my bottom half is 10XL so I have to go to specialists.

“I buy most of my clothes online because there are few plus-size stores with big enough clothes.


“Larger outfits are expensive so I can up to £400 pounds per month on clothes.”

And Sarah’s problems extend to performing everyday tasks while carrying added weight.

She said: “With most doorways I have to go in sideways – I do the little wiggle dance to get through.

“I’ve broken chairs before and I once broke a toilet bowl I was sat on at the theatre – it was awful.”

However, now Sarah is taking steps to tackle her mobility issues with workout sessions to help her lose weight.

She said: “Although I love my butt I would like to make it just a little bit smaller.

“The size that it is causes back problems- even sitting down on a chai can be painful.”

And though Sarah says large posteriors run in the family, he admits to succumbing to cravings for junk food which doesn’t help.

Sarah said: “Apart from my younger sister, the women in my family all have large behinds – I only eat between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day.

“However I do have a problem with portion control and I sometimes get tempted by ice cream – that’s my weakness.”

Growing up Sarah says she was constantly teased because of her developing behind – and was only chatted up by older men.

She said: “Guys my age weren’t interested in me – they liked my skinnier friends. Old guys would hit on me because they appreciated my body.

“Because of that I always ended up in relationships with guys ten, sometimes twenty years older.”

One of those men, Albert Little, is now the father of her two sons, Christian, 14, and Aaron, 7.

Sarah says her behind is so outrageous she has even been accused of having implants to enhance it.

She said: “Some people can’t believe one person can have this much butt.

‘”Because I’ve got a relatively small frame on top they say, ‘that can’t be real’,.

“I carry this weight with me all the time, everywhere I go, it’s definitely not fake. Big booties are just in my blood.”

And after discovering an online community of men who appreciate curvy women, Sarah says she has no shortage of admirers.

She said: “It began when I took pictures of myself to document my weight loss and a photographer friend put them on Facebook.


“They got so many likes that he asked if we could do some modelling pictures, then those pictures went viral.”

Now Sarah is able to cash in on her biggest asset and change perceptions on beauty.

She said: “I’m trying to make the most of what I’ve been given and being confident about who I am makes me happy.

“If I can inspire others to embrace their curves and be proud big, beautiful women, I would be very happy.”