Obasanjo And Oby Ezekwesili Criticized For Hugging Each Other; Ezekwesili Responds [PHOTOS]

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So to hug a friend and former boss in public is now forbidden? Some group posted the above photo of former president Obasanjo and former minister, Oby Ezekwesili at the former’s book launch yesterday on their Facebook page and wrote some mess about it. See it below…


Oby Ezekwesili responded via Twitter…


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  1. Stop deceiving yourself,is that the way married women of Igbo race greet men?this is the kind of greeting that Ngozi okonjo iweala rejected that they want to rubbish her image,i ask again,was that how you got your appointment under him?

  2. That old man snatched his son wife b giving her multiple federal contracts, why will he not sleep with you? Can you swear that your pant did not wet while he fondle and kiss your neck? Which right thinking married woman will allow another man to kiss her neck and fondle you if not an appointment desperate seeker like you?

  3. Some of u guys do not no what to say what is bad on this photo, some of u have evil main,abeg go and help ur self did oby oga call for ur help?amebo people.every body should go and look after his/shes family

  4. OBJ was just excited about seeing Dr. Oby Ezekwesili again after a long time and so gave her a hug as a show of affection for someone who served him and hence Nigeria very well because she was a Minister during OBJ’s tenure as President. It was a father-daughter or boss-subordinate show of affection and nothing else/nothing more. I believe this matter should rest in the name of decency and decorum. Dr Oby Ezekwesili’s name should not be dragged in the mud. I’m not Igbo but I strongly believe that she is a role model for our young girls and deserves respect. Let’s channel our minds to more creative reflections and thinking.

  5. This whole thing is sickening. I thought that woman had a husband? And there she was necking a well known philanderer at the launch of egocentric and useless book, My Watch. A blind watch it was. My Command was another ego massaging foolery by OBJ. Everything is his, including Nigeria. Haba, baba just go and rest jare.

  6. Baba Shege still dey active kamkpe! Hugging from behind…hmmmn! If this is done in public, I wonder wetin dem go do in private. Person wey no spare im pikin wife no go spare another person property. Wake up Dr. Obi.

  7. #bringbackourgirls headmistress has now prompted me 2 ask…..where is the african set of morals and values that we were taught? #bringbackourmorals…..is that how a responsible african woman should behave? In public for that matter……..this is not even a hug…..it is romance…..and she is married o..and 4 dose supporting her…if u were 2 be her husband and u see dis pix….u will smile abi??morals…..is that how a responsible african woman should behave? In public for that matter……..this is not even a hug…..it is romance…..and she is married o..and 4 dose supporting her…if u were 2 be her husband and u see dis pix….u will smile abi???

  8. Obj grabbed her from behind, I don’t think it would be nice to push him away in public. Oby I know is also embarrassed but has to keep her cool. Obj should learn to respect himself as well as others.

  9. Hmmmmmmm, human being, very dirty mind people. But please try to be knowledgeble enough. Stopped disrepecting elderly ones they were both old enough as mother and father. Thanks

  10. Nothing pathetic abt this we are just bunch of hypocrites,dont main and women hug in churches and what have,when you conviction is centred on myiopic connotation it often ends in sentiment and baseless facts…Obj may have had a disgusting past but nothing is wrong with hugs frm behind so if he had hugged her frm the front you guys will be voicing flames…

  11. I believe this game have taken place in secret before, if not OBJ will never be bold in grabbing her for hug.
    Only kids they will deceive for there’s no smoke without fire.

  12. Its important to note that Oby has a personality in the society. Sometimes we are given surprise hugs and this is a pure example.I guess she lifted her hand to politely take OBJ’s off her neck.Its evident.So please you all.Don’t make a fuss out of nothing.

  13. righteous and stainless people… see how busy u guys get in criticising others. it pains me to see matured people comment like babies. dis is y d western countries will always be better than us. oby is and will always be a role model to young girls. I don’t see anything wrong with this pic for crying out loud!!!!

  14. Something is behind this act but, there is no need to start criticizing this people, if what we are thinking is true one day it will surely be expose so, please let them enjoy themselves. The woman herself is an opportunity seeker I believe the way she is she can do anything to bring down someone just like her boss OBJ. There is no need to panic.

  15. its an unproductive comments,i wud rather advice u channel ur energy to discus serious national burning issues than discussing a matter that hold no water and has nothing to do with improving the lives of the people.

  16. What is wrong with dis pix? NOTHING!!!
    If u guys don’t have anything to say, pls shut up. As if u don’t hug ur own friends in public.
    Jst b/c they r well known figures in d society doesn’t mean dey shld act lyk prunes. Abegi free dem


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