D’banj Gets Belated Christmas Gift From UK Based Rock Band, U2 Lead Singer, Bono – PHOTO



D’banj is an international figure and he continues to show us how big he is with the calibre of top a-list celebrities he associates himself with. The ‘Beat By Dre’ African ambassador took to his instagram page to share a photo of the gift he got from UK rock band, lead singer, Bono. Real recognize real, that’s why we call D’banj the ‘Eja Nla!’



what a great way to kick start the year. see what i got from my godfather in music .best christmas / newyear gift ever . this one i shall frame. thanks to greatest rock band ever u2 ( the hewson family ) for this gift . special thanks to my daddy godfather bono for making me know how special and favored i am. god bless u guys . 2015 is really mine… ooossshhheee